Top 6 Tips on how to change vehicle sound in GTA 5 ?

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In the world of video games , GTA 5 is one of the most renowned . While the game gives big possibilities in a large world , the sound of vehicles may cause a problem for players . You’ll need some few things that you must know about how to change vehicle sounds in GTA 5 . 

Firstly you have to install the modding software like OpenIV . Must check your version of your laptop and in which your game is installed , which is free to download . If  you change your car in a game recently and now it sounds weird , note down the following points which are highly informative to know about the sound .

6 points to change vehicle sound :

how to change vehicle sound in GTA 5


  • OpenIV which is free to download , from a website , used for modifications. 
  • You can download a modification in Grand Theft Auto 5’s vehicle sound . You can also find sound modifications from websites . make sure you install that mod which receives positive feedback from your competitors . 
  • OpenIV and navigate to the folder labeled x64/audio/SFX. This can be done by clicking on “File’’andOpen’’ navigating to the folder , where originally the game was installed .
  • Locate the sounds with your automobile and what you want your sound to be , named it vehicle’s/ car or vehicle’s / bike respectively , OpenIV , offers a search function , will speed to locate your file . 
  • Instead of using the default sound , use custom sounds , OpenIV , drag and drop the files to the appropriate directories . you can roll back your modifications to have your backup .  
  • Make sure your changes have been saved to your game .

GTA 5 silent cars : 

Some of cars have silent engine are : 

  1. Mercedes benz 300 SL 
  2. Alfa romeo 8C competizione 
  3. Mercedes benz 300 SLR 
  4. Alfa Romeo disco Volante 

Radio station sound in GTA 5 Online gaming : 

How do you change a default radio station in GTA 5 , it’s very simple , you have to hold down the touchpad to bring up the Interaction Menu and select Inventory> Radio Station Favorites , this will automatically bring up all the radio stations in the game , with a check box next to them . 

Changing engine sound. To change vehicle sound in GTA 5 is based on upper given points and makes several choices .

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Xbox song adding by Spotify : 

We’re going back to the Spotify and console connection here too. The versatility of the music streaming service is so broad that it allows you to add your favorite songs to your game .

  1. Disable the music in the audio settings of GTA 5.
  2. When the in-game music is silent, go to the Microsoft Store on your console and download Spotify.
  3. Sign in to Spotify on your XBOX One using one of the same three methods you use for PlayStation 4: Spotify Connect or Spotify username and password or your Spotify pin.
  4. Press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the Xbox Guide (basically a quick menu).
  5. Select Spotify in the XBOX Guide.
  6. Choose your songs, skip to the next one, do whatever you need to enjoy the music.
  7. As stated above, you can use Spotify Connect to control your music in games, as long as your phone and Xbox One are connected to the same wifi network.

Custom Radio Station GTA 5:

In GTA 5 automatically you make a custom radio station by or add music by head into the game’s settings menu , and open the Audio tab. In there you have to click on “Quick’’ or “FULL’’. 


How to change vehicle sounds in GTA 5 by properly keeping the following points which have been written on above and to make a custom radio station in Xbox is also by “OPEN” and navigate the folder to your save .