Three tips to keep your hotel rooms clean before offering them to the next guests

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People stay in hotels because of comfort, luxury, and convenience. They don’t have to clean up or do anything for maintaining the room during their stay. Because of this, people often leave a mess with their dirty garbage, spills, and odors. It can create a problem for the staff as the next guest would also expect the same level of cleanliness. If your previous guests left a strong cigarette odor, you have to get rid of it before giving the room to someone else. It will cost you crucial reviews and guests if you don’t do anything about it. So, ensure that your hotel rooms are clean and comfortable for every new guest.

It’s challenging to get rid of strong smells quickly. If it’s the holiday season, you would’ve to clean up everything quickly because of the overbooking. However, you cannot sacrifice the quality of the rooms for any guest. It will affect your brand image, and you will lose future guests. So, if you are in this predicament, you should keep reading. Let’s look over three tips that will help you clean your hotel rooms and get rid of odors before handing them to a new guest:

Do a garbage dive

First things first, you need to hire someone who would do a quick and thorough garbage dive of the room. It should be before the actual cleaning of the room to make the process quicker. If your hotel is packed, you should assign someone to collect and empty all the garbage from hotel rooms right after the guests leave. They should check everything from the garbage bins to beneath the bed for dirt. It would help save time for the cleaning team to wipe the floors and dust the room.

The actual cleaning

You cannot skip cleaning the floors, windows, bathroom, cupboards, etc., just because they appear clean. You should disinfect the entire place and have a team for a thorough cleaning before assigning the room to any guest. It will ensure that you don’t miss out on any dirt or garbage, which can cost you some good reviews. Also, sanitization and disinfection have become crucial in today’s scenario. You should buy an ozone generator which can eliminate the germs and viruses in the room. It will help provide a safe and healthy staying experience for your guests. So, find a dealer now and invest in a generator that would help you speed up the disinfection and cleaning process easily.

Get rid of the odors

Odors and pungent smells are often a big letdown for guests while staying. The room might be clean, but a weird smell can get you bad reviews. That’s why you should invest in ozone generators. They disinfect the room and also eliminate any smell from cigarettes to perfumes. An odorless and clean room is what the guests expect, and you should use an ozone generator to provide it. So, find a reputed ozone generator dealer now and test out the different products for your hotel rooms.