The Yaroslavl deputy proposed to be admitted to the elections after the delivery of the TRP norms

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Dmitry Petrovsky, deputy of the municipality of Yaroslavl, suggested changing the criteria for admitting candidates to the elections. Now the package of documents provides for certificates of education, convictions, marital status and material wealth.

Dmitry Petrovsky went further and suggested making a sports uniform as one of the criteria. And to force candidates, even for governors, even for deputies, to apply for the position only if they provide a certificate of delivery of the TRP standards. According to age.

Dmitry Petrovsky explained the initiative by aligning with the President of the Russian Federation, who, as you know, devotes a lot of time to sports.

“When submitting documents to the election commission, it is necessary to include in the list, and a certificate of delivery of the TRP standards, in accordance with age, which will be accepted by members of election commissions, in order to avoid falsifications. Then the State Duma will change its composition by exactly 90%. I would also add a mental test to this to cut off unnecessarily athletic professionals. “ – this is how the deputy formulated his proposal

Indeed, the electoral list will be pretty much updated. For example, Valentina Tereshkova, despite the cosmonaut’s health, may not get into the ranks of candidates. But, in the State Duma there are still deputies who are disabled, and what now, to close their way to parliament? And the deputies of retirement age, who are not into sports, should they also not be allowed into the State Duma? Discrimination is obtained.