The Top 5 Racing Cars for 2024

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The new year brings with it a new season of racing for many championships. This year, motorsport is finally back at full capacity in many series, and fans are now even allowed back in the stands. This means the full sporting atmosphere that has been missing from many sports is back.

2022 brings the strongest iteration of many of the major series, and there are also a few new competitions with new cars. In any case, some very special race cars have been created this year.

The Best Racecars

These cars are so good that you may be tempted to get diecast model cars for a collection. Many motorsports are spec series, with all teams using the same competition standard vehicle. Yet, there are still some sports where innovation is encouraged. Here is a list of the five best race cars of this year.

Ferrari F1-75

2022 brings a completely new generation of F1 cars, the first major design update since 2014. They now use ground effects for aero, and each of the 10 teams came up with their own interpretation.

Testing shows that the Ferrari is by far the most beautiful, as well as the fastest. They had failed to live up to their heritage for years, but Ferrari really nailed it with this car. With over 1,000 horsepower, the F1-75 really looks like it can take the fight to Mercedes and Red Bull this year.

Toyota GR Yaris Rally1

The Rally is inching towards being a spec series, with new regulations this year giving all the cars the same basic chassis. But there is still some freedom, and Toyota has really stepped up to the occasion. The 2022 Yaris Rally1 is proving dominant in the rounds played so far. The hybrid powertrain introduced is quite interesting to see, and Toyota has a real chance at the championship.

Audi RS Q E-Tron

Audi made waves by entering an electric race car into the Dakar rally this year. The RS Q E-Tron also became the first electric car to win a stage at a rally raid. The car points towards the possibilities of electrification for a greater range of motorsports. If electric power can work on the toughest racing stage in the world, it can work anywhere.

Toyota GR010 Hybrid

Toyota’s latest WEC hypercar is the ultimate evolution of its prototype hybrid design. With a combined output of 940 horsepower, the GR010 racecar stormed to an uncontested victory at the 2022 24 Hours of Le Mans. That was Toyota’s 5th  straight victory, and a convincing display of their dominance in endurance racing.

Bugatti Bolide

While not technically a racecar, the Bolide is too special not to mention. Aerodynamic and technological advances abound. Bugatti is known for making insanely fast cars for those with limitless wallets, and the Biloide is their latest marvel. This ultra-focused track weapon manages to squeeze 1,850 horsepower from Bugatti’s usual 8-liter W16.

Racing Cars Are Getting Greener

Whether a series like F1 with decades of history or a series just starting out like Extreme E, there is a common theme. That theme is a focus on greener racing, be it through cleaner fuels, hybridization, or electric tech. It is exciting to see what the future of race cars will be.