The road to Tarnoga will be repaired in stages until 2025

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The Kostylevo-Tarnoga highway connects the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions. Its length is over 80 km. The Governor of the region, Oleg Kuvshinnikov, instructed to include the road in the program of the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads”.

The road began to be repaired in 2019. To begin with, we restored an 8 km long section, strengthened the shoulders, applied markings, and cleared the right-of-way from bushes. In 2020, the same work was done on a 9 km section. This year, the three-kilometer section of the Kostylevo-Tarnoga highway will be put in order. To repair the road surface, an asphalt-concrete mixture of the new national standard is used, they will also clear the right-of-way, strengthen the shoulders and restore the drainage ditches.