The planet’s atmosphere is awash with microplastic particles

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And we all breathe it

Environmentalists from the American University of Utah, in collaboration with colleagues from other countries, conducted a study and found that there are millions of microparticles of plastic in the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to the transfer of air masses, this plastic is transferred from one continent to another, and people, willy-nilly, inhale it. It is clear that this does not add any health benefits.

For more than a year, researchers monitored the amount of microplastic particles in the air of different regions of the United States and literally came and horror: only over the western part of the country, a thousand hundred tons of microplastics were floating in the air. At the same time, it turned out that the main supplier of this pollution is not cities, as was previously thought, but roads: the movement of cars creates a lifting force, thanks to which the particles end up in the atmosphere. Moreover, they can be stored there from an hour to almost a week. During this time, the air masses, following the moving transport, manage to move even between continents. Therefore, it is impossible to insure ourselves against the fact that we will breathe a suspension of toxic particles anywhere. A means to combat this pollution has not yet been invented. There is only one way out: to reduce the use of plastic, reports Live Science.