The nutritionist spoke about the dangers of bread and how to replace it

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Nutritionist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Mikhail Ginzburg spoke on Monday, April 5, about which bread is the most harmless to human health.

According to the expert, the harmfulness of this product is largely determined not by its composition, but by how much of it is present in the daily diet of a person.

“If there is not much of it in the diet, then there are no particular problems. It can be excluded. Bread can be replaced by quite a few products, “Zvezda TV channel quotes Ginzburg.

The nutritionist noted that bread can be replaced with cereals or cereal dishes. He stressed that coarse bread with dietary fiber is especially useful, it is very satisfying, but at the same time it is not at all high in calories.

Earlier, on April 2, nutritionist, nutritionist Nina Kurakina said that eating fast carbohydrates for breakfast provokes an insulin reaction, which can lead to diabetes, reports RT.

The expert noted that the worst and most useless that a person can consume for breakfast is coffee with a croissant and fast food. Also, fast carbohydrates include bananas, grapes, flour products, sweets, as well as potatoes and rice.