The northerners were reminded of the rules of conduct in the forest

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The department for civil defense and warning through sound situations of the administration of the city of Murmansk informs.

The main causes of a forest fire are the following actions of people:

· Careless handling of fire;

· Non-observance of safety measures when making fires in the forest belt;

· Children’s pranks with matches in the forest park area;

· Burning of garbage, dry grass in close proximity to the forest;

· Accidental sparks from the exhaust pipes of a car or motorcycle;

· Ignition of cleaning material impregnated with oil, gasoline or other spontaneously combustible composition;

· Accidental focusing of sun rays with bottle glass.

In order to avoid a fire in the forest, it is prohibited:

· Throw burning matches, cigarette butts, smoldering rags in the forest;

· To make a fire in dense thickets and young coniferous stands, under low-hanging tree crowns, next to timber warehouses;

· Leave a spontaneously combustible material in the forest: a rag and rags soaked in oil, gasoline, glassware, which in sunny weather can focus the sunbeam and ignite dry vegetation;

· To burn dry grass in forest glades, in gardens, in fields, under trees;

· Make a fire in windy weather and leave it unattended;

· Use wads made of flammable or smoldering materials for hunting.

Refueling the fuel tanks of a car while the engine is running, as well as malfunctions of the engine power system, can lead to a fire. In some cases, wildfires are the result of deliberate arson, man-made accidents or disasters.

Safety measures and rules of conduct in the forest:

· Light a fire only in specially designated places;

If there are no such places, then independently prepare a site for its cultivation, clearing it from grass, leaves and branches to the very ground;

· Before leaving the parking lot, the fire must be completely extinguished. Leave the resting place only after making sure that not a single log or branch is smoldering anymore;

· In the event of a dangerous fire, extinguish the fire with water, or by throwing earth into it, you can shoot down the fire with branches of deciduous trees.

If dry vegetation is detected, immediately report the incident by calling “01”, “112” or “051”.