The neurologist told how to maintain a sleep schedule using a smartphone

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Elena Tsareva, a neurologist-somnologist, head of the sleep service “Unison”, head of the section “Stress and Sleep” of the international society “Stress under Control”, told how to keep to sleep using a smartphone.

According to her, the main effect of the phone is light and activating, that is, the color of the screen is in the spectrum that suppresses melatonin (sleep hormone). Therefore, in the evening, you need to limit the use of the phone.

“The Night Shift mode, which is common in many devices, can be used to change the color of the screen to a warmer gamut, but it does not completely eliminate such a light effect from a smartphone, its benefit is about 60%,” the neurologist explained in an interview with Sputnik radio.

But in the morning, the expert noted, the smartphone can be used “to cheer up”. She advised to put funny and loud melodies on the alarm clock for more human activity.

Tsareva recommended not to use the function of the delayed alarm clock, as a person who fell asleep after the first signal may not hear the next. In this connection, it is better to set the alarm at a later time.