The Most Comprehensive Comparison between BFICoin vs Shibcoin

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With multiple cryptocurrencies entering the crypto space at a rapid pace, 2 cryptocurrencies have notably started to gain a tremendous amount of attention. Innovation Factory’s BFICoin and Ryoshi’s Shiba Inu are the 2 coins in the spotlight. Let’s jump into what these coins are capable of, why are they gaining so much attention, and are they rivals or two completely distinctive models.

Shiba Inu (Shiba)

The Shiba Inu Token (ticker: Shib) entered the crypto market as a decentralized token back in August 2020. Although we have a name “Ryoshi” backing its origin, yet the identity and validation of this name are still a mystery. No one really knows if it’s even a person or a firm. Nevertheless, the Shib token has not only entered the market but has managed to gain massive buy volume. With a supply of one quadrillion, Shib was initially marketed as “the doge killer”. Both Doge and Shib have been tagged as meme coins, with no literal utility. With time, the meme community that supported shib grew extensively and elevated shib’s market cap to about $3.2T. Shib token now stands at 13th rank with respect to market cap, at a current trading price of $0.00003327.

Shib does not have an ecosystem, which means there are no real projects or partnerships to boost its utility. Yet, there are some rumors that shib might enter the metaverse soon, but there have been no validations to this news so far.


BFICoin (ticker BFIC) was initially launched as a decentralized token on the Binance Smart chain by Innovation Factory back in Feb 2021. However, the firm soon realized that its broad visions for the project needed something much stronger. Innovation Factory then developed its own 3rd generation BFIC blockchain with BFICoin as its native coin. BFICoin launch at $3.00 and has already spiked up to the price of $5.00 in just a month of its relaunch. The project is part of a massive ecosystem that houses multiple platforms to enhance BFICoin’s utility and help it become worthy of being an actual global digital currency. To date, BFICoin has obtained its dedicated crypto trading platform – XchangeOn, and a smartphone stake-mining platform – BFIC Network. The coin is still fresh in the market, but accumulating a lot of hype & excitement with its increasing market cap & ecosystem launches.

BFICoin’s ecosystem comprises over 15 diversified projects to create a utility chain. These projects include a crypto exchange, smartphone stake mining app, custom crypto investment, smart contracts, crypto commerce, decentralized wallet, NFT game & much more. With the launch of each of these projects, BFICoins will witness a considerable market cap build-up & price inclination.

Shiba Vs BFICoin:

Honestly, Shiba Inu & BFICoin can’t be compared as the two are of a completely different breed. While Shib has no real utility and a super gigantic supply, BFICoin is a purely utility-based cryptocurrency with an extremely scarce supply. Technically both of the subjects are distinctive, yet we can still compare their stats, market value, expectations, and growth potential.


BFICoin Shiba Inu (Shib Token)
Total Supply 21,000,000 1 Quadrillion
Current Market Cap $0.3B $3.2T
Current Price $5.00 $0.00003327
Ecosystem 3 Launched, 13 Lined up Not applicable
Expected Value in 1 year $50.00+ $0.00005
Expected Value in 5 years $200.00 Not expected to last that long


It is safe to conclude that BFICoin is set to define the future of cryptocurrencies, whereas Shib inu with absolutely zero projects and a gigantic supply will not make it much far. BFICoin has a massive potential to grow in value and is absolutely worthy of becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies in the coming years. On the other hand, Shiba Inu’s price may also increase, but only if they burn a massive chunk of supply, that too without much to go on with. Any crypto investor wise enough will know that investing in BFICoins will be extremely fruitful in the long run.