The monument to the glory of the Soviet army began to be dismantled in Lviv

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In Lviv, by order of the local authorities, work began to dismantle the Monument of Glory to the Soviet Army. This was reported on Wednesday, April 21, by the press service of the Lviv City Council.

“Last year, the city executive committee decided to hold an architectural competition for the territory where the Glory Monument is now located. We also have a decision on the phased dismantling of the elements of the monument. For this, funds were allocated in the city budget, ”the first deputy mayor of the city, Andrey Moskalenko, reported on the portal of the City Council.

He noted that the timing of the dismantling of the monument is unknown. This is due to the complexity of the job. It is noted that the bas-reliefs of the monument are currently being dismantled. Then the slabs will be dismantled.

The Monument to the Glory of the Soviet Army or “Monument to the Military Glory of the Soviet Armed Forces” was built in Lviv in May 1970. It is dedicated to the memory of the victors over Nazism in the Great Patriotic War.

The decision to dismantle the monument was made after it was desecrated by vandals in the winter of 2018. Previously, the monument was also vandalized by nationalists.

After dismantling, the monument will go to the memorial museum of totalitarian regimes “Territory of Terror” in Lviv. It is noted that the first exhibit has already been transported to the museum.

In January, the last monument to Vladimir Lenin was demolished in Ukraine. It was located in the Odessa region.

Since 2015, Ukraine has been pursuing a policy of “decommunization” within the framework of the law “On the Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi Regimes”. The law provides for the renaming of all topographic objects, the names of which are reminiscent of the USSR, as well as the demolition of monuments.