The main inventions of Russian scientists for 2024 are named

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A vaccine against tuberculosis, a stabilizer for a chassis of cars, a cheap way to obtain solar energy were included in the list of the main inventions of Russian scientists for 2024. On February 17, Rospatent presented data on new products.

The rating of the main inventions includes a polyantigenic vaccine, it helps not only to protect against tuberculosis, but also treats an already sick person. It is noted that the drug has already passed the second phase of clinical trials, and now scientists are preparing for final studies.

The list also includes a system for automatic control of the trajectory movement of a vehicle with a directional stability function, RIA Novosti said in Rospatent.

An important invention in 2024 was the development of a new method for producing needle coke, which is used in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The invention solves the problem of import substitution.

Also, scientists have created a technology that helps to distinguish an intelligent bot from a live operator – this will help protect against some methods of fraud. For six months of use in five Russian banks with its help, it was possible to prevent damage in the amount of 320 million rubles.

In the construction industry, an important invention was the technology for the production of materials with special additives that prevent combustion. Scientists have also created a low-altitude antenna that has a wide operating frequency band and low interconnection between the emitters. Power engineers in 2024 worked to create a cheap and environmentally friendly way to create solar cells based on perovskite minerals.

During operations, surgeons will be able to use a device that, using laser radiation, will automatically probe biological tissue in order to detect nerves and blood vessels. Also in 2024, a kit was created to identify pathogens of infectious diseases, which allows you to identify the virus in one stage.

In 2024, Russian students invented a personal virus blocker. The special cartridge contains granules with sodium chlorite.