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Healthland electronic medical records software is a fully integrated, 3rd-generation, cloud-based system for primary and specialty care. It’s designed for efficiency and accessibility to capture the entire patient history in one place.


Why You Should Be Using Healthland EHR Software for Your Healthcare Practice


Healthland is the largest provider in America of fully integrated solutions for the rural population and critical access hospitals, with more than 500 customers. Services and software from Healthland include the electronic health record (EHR) software. It allows community hospitals to offer the highest quality healthcare possible by creating a central repository of patient information across all care environments, whether an emergency room, hospital, an emergency room, hospital, or an extended health facility.

Healthland introduces its First Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solution specifically for Rural Clinicians Clinicians.

Healthland Centriq is an ONC-ATCB licensed EMR that complies with HIPAA law. Remote and online case accommodation and online assistance are the most common choices for requesting help.

Healthland’s Centriq arrangement comes with tools designed to make it easier to communicate between medical assistants, doctors, and other personnel and helps to make treatment more efficient. Centriq’s CPOE module assists doctors in reviewing and filling out orders and helps avoid errors caused by documents written on paper.

Healthland Centriq helps rural hospitals provide safe, high-quality healthcare and improve the experience for patients. Horn Memorial Hospital, Grape Community Hospital in Iowa, and Mitchell County Hospital in Texas are the first hospitals to put money into Centriq.

Healthland Centriq uniquely combines functionality with integration and value designed to increase patient safety, minimize medical errors, and boost employee satisfaction. the software is simple to use and allows rural hospitals to concentrate on providing top-quality healthcare for their families, neighbors, and loved ones.”

The population is around 2,600. The Healthland headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minn., with regional offices in Glenwood, Minn., Louisville, Ky., and Waco, Texas. Healthland’s EHR software is comprised of three main modules: Electronic Medical Records Patients Portal, Practice Management System and

Healthland has various features that make its software stand out from the competition

Some Features 

Customizable Dashboard

the dashboard feature of the EHR is a key feature that many doctors and providers love and praise. This feature is a great way to increase the efficiency of your practice. The dashboard lets you see all the daily activities on one screen. The program lets you personalize the dashboard to suit your requirements. It’s easy to use and allows users to quickly switch from one task to another, streamlining the process while saving money and time.


Patient Charting

Charting of patients is essential to any successful medical practice, and Healthland simplifies the process for you. Due to the extensive charts, you will be able to quickly find every aspect, including the summary of clinical information on the patient’s current health status. Healthland EMR best emr for ophthalmology .


Financial Management

Processing of insurance claims and billing are crucial elements in every practice. With an EMR, you can lower the chance of human error while also improving the accuracy of invoices.

Healthland EMR includes outstanding billing capabilities that keep a watch on your financial performance and ensure that it’s constantly increasing. Furthermore, all important tasks are performed automatically.

Patient Portal

It is now simple to enhance communication processes. This software has a great network feature that lets your employees connect. It also allows nurses, doctors, and support staff to connect.

Making it easier to understand engagement forms is essential as it lets you keep track of all the activities in your workplace while increasing the effectiveness of your processes. It’s simpler to manage your business effectively and create a more positive outcome for your clients with your staff members, and you can decide quickly.


purchase Lab Runs tests directly

It is possible to purchase lab test results for the patient via the program without contacting a lab to request the tests, saving time and effort. It allows you to receive test results directly from the laboratory once they are available can reduce the time spent between seeing patients and determining their cause. Certain medical conditions need test results to take a more informed medical decision. This option makes the whole process of getting test results straightforward.


Personnel Management

It’s not just ideal for managing medical records electronically. However, it can aid you in managing your practice more effectively. It helps you manage your staff’s schedules, data, and rosters with ease using the features that are included in the program. With the tools for managing your team and payroll management, all the information is easily accessible. It lets you concentrate more on your practice and patients than the management or administrative aspects of running your business because the software will take care of this!


Health Centric Reviews 

If we look at Healthland Centriq reviews, users have well-rated the software. It has received several favorable reviews regarding the custom templates, which can customize to meet the specific requirements of a particular practice. Most users say that the program is easy to use, and it also allows seamless interoperability with other health products to provide high-quality healthcare services.



Unfortunately, the price for Healthland EHR is not accessible on the internet. However, you can discover the cost by asking the vendor for an estimate. Based on Healthland EHR evaluations, the pricing for the software is pretty standard and is much lower than the other significant EHR software.


Get Demo Now 

if you are considering this software, then for further detailed information, you can request a demo to commit to it since this will help you make a better decision about the software overall! Hopefully, whatever decision about Healthland EHR you ‌make will be right for you!


Our Thoughts

Healthland’s Healthland EHR software is excellent EMR for ophthalmology. It’s a comprehensive solution created to enhance operational efficiency and improve the quality of care for patients. The software includes an array of simple-to-use tools, custom-fit content, and powerful bill-paying tools that can seamlessly adapt to the unique medical facility’s workflow. We cannot tell whether Healthland Centriq is the right choice for your specific needs since it depends entirely on the particular workflows you have and requirements for practice.