The governor of the Tula region earned about 7.2 million rubles

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The official website of the government of the Tula region has information about the income, expenses and property of the head of the region, Alexei Dyumin. So, his annual declared income amounted to 7,540,693.88 rubles. Note that last year Dyumin earned 7,234,961 rubles.

The annual income of the wife of Alexei Dyumin was 9,764,140.63 rubles.

According to the information published, the Governor has a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser, and his wife has a 2018 Land Rover Renge Rover Sport.

In addition, according to the published data, the head of the region owns an apartment of 344 square meters, a house of 152.9 square meters, and a land plot of 3127 square meters. The head of the region also owns two parking spaces and a bathhouse of 107.8 square meters.

In the property of Dyumin’s wife, nothing is listed, in use – an apartment, two parking spaces, a bathhouse, a land plot and a residential building.

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