The Foreign Ministry told about Putin’s decree on measures against unfriendly countries

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The decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on measures against unfriendly countries is not Moscow’s aggressive actions, but retaliatory measures to hostile steps. This was announced on Sunday, April 25, at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On April 23, the Russian leader signed a decree on measures to influence unfriendly actions of other countries. The document is aimed at protecting the interests and security of Russia.

The decree limits the conclusion of labor contracts between “individuals located on the territory of the Russian Federation” and diplomatic missions of countries that commit unfriendly actions towards Russia or Russians.

The Russian government has been instructed to determine the list of unfriendly countries against which appropriate measures will be applied. At the same time, the restrictions will not affect citizens of unfriendly states who have arrived or will arrive from them as diplomatic employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices.

On the same day, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov clarified that the measures of influence on the unfriendly actions of foreign states concern diplomatic missions, not business.

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