The doctor spoke about the rules for eating barbecue without harm to health

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How much shish kebab can be eaten without harm to health and how long can be stored ready-made meat, radio Sputnik told a physician, cardiologist, nutritionist and medical blogger Philip Kuzmenko (Dr. Phil).

According to him, kebab lovers need to remember that meat is a product that should not be abused.

“It is believed that you can eat no more than 100 g of red meat per day, and better even no more than 70,” the doctor said on May 3.

He noted that if you often eat red meat and any semi-finished products from it, then the risk of developing colorectal cancer increases.

People who follow the figure need to take into account the high calorie content of the shish kebab. In order not to eat it more than necessary, before going to the barbecue, you can pre-fill the stomach, for example, with vegetables and water, advised Kuzmenko.

The nutritionist added that the shelf life of cooked kebabs depends on the degree of roasting and how long the product is outside the refrigerator.

“The meat will hardly stand for a week, but it may well be three or four or five days. If left for a day in the sun, it is better not to risk it. Before eating meat, make sure that there are no foreign odors, ”he said.

Kuzmenko also clarified who is better off giving up fatty meat.

“Shish kebab is, as a rule, pork, it contains more fat. Elderly people, people with high blood cholesterol, people with heart disease should not lean on pork, it is better to give preference to, for example, fish, ”the nutritionist emphasized.

Pork kebab, according to the doctor, should be thoroughly fried. Eating half-baked pork is a risk of catching some kind of parasite, Kuzmenko noted. You can eat beef to your liking – well-done or with blood, Kuzmenko concluded.

On April 30, the chief nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health, Antonina Starodubova, told how to cook a healthy shish kebab. According to her, if there are no special medical contraindications, then you can choose any meat. At the same time, it is important that the portion does not exceed 150 g. Starodubova recommended giving preference to lean meats and poultry, or preparing fish, adding a garnish of baked vegetables to the dish.