The doctor has listed foods that are undesirable for a picnic

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Creamy foods, salads dressed with mayonnaise, as well as fermented milk products and water from open sources can provoke poisoning at a picnic.

This was announced on Monday, May 3, by the deputy chief physician for the medical department of the A.S. Puchkova of the Moscow Department of Health Pyotr Davydov.

According to him, brought food for outdoor recreation must be stored in thermal bags with cold accumulators, regardless of the temperature regime. At the same time, some dishes have a high risk of infection with various opportunistic microorganisms. In the case of their use, there is a possibility of poisoning or getting an intestinal or food infection.

“You don’t have to take any products with cream, salads dressed with mayonnaise with you to the countryside. By the end of the day, all this will deteriorate 100%, and moreover, a person may not even feel it. Meat products should be bought in certified places, especially if it is cooked shashlik or some other meat products, because they carry a threat of salmonellosis infection, ”said the head physician.

He also recommended refraining from fermented milk products and not eating them outside the period or outside the storage conditions, for example, if the product is stored outdoors for a long time in a warm room.

“You cannot drink water from open sources, no matter how clean it may seem, it is always a certain threat to get very serious poisoning. Water should be either bottled or filtered, but in extreme cases boiled, although boiled water in no way eliminates the threat of poisoning, exposure to heavy metal salts or organic chemistry that it contains. If a person goes on a long hike to nature and understands that he may not have bottled water for a long time, then you can use a water filter, ”said Davydov.

Poisonings are different, the doctor added. There is an intestinal infection, or infectious gastroenterocolitis, and there is food poisoning. The latter is associated with the manifestation of toxins already contained in food. In some cases, foodborne infection can be more dangerous than intestinal infection, which is associated with the multiplication of microorganisms in the intestine.

The second type of poisoning is the multiplication of microorganisms that have got inside a person. Symptoms of the disease appear much later than the use of an unsuitable product for food occurred.

“With a toxic infection, vomiting, nausea are a normal reaction, and gastric lavage is one of the good ways to eliminate the manifestation of a toxic infection in order to evacuate the remains of the toxin from the stomach, which quickly affects the body. And with an intestinal infection, it is necessary to fight the manifestation of the infection, which can lead to dehydration. In both cases, it is recommended to take enterosorbents – these are various preparations based on white clay, activated carbon, compounds based on aluminum, these are common preparations, ”the doctor said.

Davydov advises to observe the water and drinking regime. With food poisoning, a large amount of chlorine leaves with vomiting, therefore, with severe vomiting, saline solutions based on ordinary sea or table salt should be used in small sips. In the case of the development of an intestinal infection, it is advisable to use a solution with a more expanded composition of electrolytes. In either case, it is recommended to use ready-made preparations intended for oral rehydration. This is followed by a delayed treatment of the consequences of such poisoning, which are most often associated with temporary intestinal desbiosis.

“With any kind of poisoning, especially if it is severe, you should not self-medicate. Only a doctor can prescribe the necessary treatment, so an appeal to him is necessary, “Davydov summed up.

On May 2, the doctor said that a place for a picnic should be chosen in places that are not heavily blown, without power lines and with the ability to hide in case of a thunderstorm, and clothes should be taken for all weather events.