The court fined the Leshukon hunter-poacher and took away his gun

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The Leshukonsky District Court considered a criminal case on illegal hunting against 47-year-old Grigory Potashev.

On January 26 last year, in the forest near the village of Pylema, Potashev, not having a hunting permit, fired two moose from his carbine. As a result of his illegal actions, damage was caused in the total amount of 640 thousand rubles.

The court sentenced the accused to a fine of 500 thousand rubles with confiscation in favor of the state of the carbine used by Potashev for hunting.

In addition, in order to ensure the execution of the prescribed punishment, the court retained the arrest of Potashev’s property – a snowmobile and a number of hunting rifles – with a total value of more than 400 thousand rubles.

The issue of compensation for damage caused by the crime will be considered in the civil proceedings.