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So, what is the future announced in Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Address on April 21? In addition to solving specific problems, it can consider the main contours of the image proposed to the country for decades.

Consolidation of different groups of society – The president’s speech began with gratitude to many of them.

Emphasis on protecting traditional values – in the very first theses there was a reminder that no external threats or attempts to destroy the traditional way of life of the peoples of Russia will change the fundamental positions. Not now, not in the future.

Welfare state – specific solutions proposed in this arearather than common words that populists or middle-ranking officials sometimes use. Especially valuable accent, because these are solutions to specific situations in specific families and destinies. Support for mothers and children, recreation for children, tourism for students, renovation of houses of culture – these are not just messages and ideas. These are specific instructions, which in the near future will turn into solutions for people. And the specific deadlines indicated in a number of cases will act as a good incentive to speed up the work of officials.

Protecting friends and allies in the international arena – The president not only revealed foreign policy issues through calls for cooperation, but also raised for public discussion the recent egregious case of an attempted coup in Belarus. And this information was not just supplemented with a reminder of what happened in Ukraine and in other countries. Putin noted: “the collective West” even in this case does not seem to notice the story of the preparation of the assassination of Alexander Lukashenko.

Defending national interests and security – the head of state made it clear: any patience has a limit and the third forces will not be allowed to destabilize the situation near our borders. This thesis was supported by the message that the first regiment, equipped with new Sarmat missiles, will take up combat duty in 2024.

Socially responsible and patriotic business conduct – it was decided to encourage those who invest, and not just withdraw dividends. And also the responsibility of companies for the environmental damage caused is introduced, the fight against harmful emissions and responsibility for waste disposal is intensified.

Technology and energy – here the focus is on environmentally friendly solutions. Despite the presence of oil and gas, the peaceful atom and hydrogen energy are a priority.

Counteraction to falsification (and not only history) – the president highlighted a new practice, reaching to the point of absurdity, within the framework of which “some countries have adopted a custom without a reason to” cling “to Russia, it has become a new kind of sport.”

And yet, the main part of the message’s agenda was devoted not only to solving current problems and defending positions in the international arena. The deepest meaning lies in the messages related to domestic politics, regional development and the economy.

New healthcare system – information was sounded both about the forthcoming State Council on the issue of restructuring health care on a new technological basis, and about the need to protect against external epidemiological threats. And here also the specific time frames for the response are indicated, which should be provided if necessary.

Automation and digitalization – Russia is waiting for the continuation of the transfer of public services to remote accessibility and the introduction of the principle of social treasury, which allows receiving social benefits. As the president said, “without running around in instances.” Even the issue of collecting alimony was proposed to be resolved remotely.

Preserving a market economy with regulation in areas sensitive to citizens – here we are talking about food prices and measures to increase the real incomes of citizens.

Youth and children as a real priority – integration of a special section on youth support into each national project simultaneously with the declared package of specific measures in relation to this category of citizens. These measures alone will affect the fate of tens of thousands of young people – for example, expanding the program to provide budget places for applicants with an emphasis on the regions, and not only on the capital’s universities.

Preserving culture and supporting new initiatives – special funds are not created just like that: we are waiting for the deployment of the work of the Fund for Cultural Initiatives, which, one can assume, will give no less effect than the creation of the Presidential Grants Fund gave civil society in due time.

Thus, the message offered an image of the future, for the achievement of which it is necessary to consolidate the efforts of communities of citizens, organizations and socially oriented businesses. Together we can protect traditional values ​​and national interests, support our allies and friends, while developing breakthrough technologies and switching to new energy. Every life is a priority, which is implemented through specific social programs, a new health care system and support for young people. Russia is following the course of a traditional, socially responsible state based on new technologies and understanding its responsibility for the future of the world.

The author is a member of the expert council under the State Duma committees

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