The Connection Between Dandruff And Hair Fall

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It is very common for your hair to break suddenly in the middle of the day and you will find that it is full of substances, which we call dandruff. There is no difference, as more than half of the adult population suffers from this common hair care problem. And if you’re a man, your chances are better. But what always bothers us are the consequences of having a scalp full of dandruff. While some of us are afraid of major problems such as infection, redness or inflammation, dandruff can be even more harmful to your hair. You may also be thinking dandruff causes hair loss? Read on to find out more about the link between dandruff and hair loss.

The link between dandruff and hair loss

Can dandruff cause hair loss? Yes and no. While it may happen all the time, it doesn’t always have to happen. Hair loss and dandruff can often occur for the same reason. If you have a yeast infection or have an irritant on your scalp, it can cause thinning hair, which can lead to both problems together. However, one can also witness hair loss due to dandruff. If you have excessive dandruff on your scalp and scratch regularly, it can weaken hair follicles and cause hair loss. People often experience great hair loss when washing their hair with shampoo. As a result, they often avoid washing their hair, leading to dirty and oily scalp. It can also be a possible cause of dandruff.

Is a rose falling here?

Do dandruff cause hair loss and increase hair damage? We are sure that most of us are troubled by this question. We are all worried that dandruff may permanently damage our hair. Although there are several factors that cause the same problems, there is no real evidence to suggest that dandruff can cause hair loss.


Ways to prevent and treat severe hair loss due to dandruff

Do dandruff cause hair loss? You may have problems with dandruff and hair loss. Let’s see how you can solve the problem of hair loss with dandruff with a few quick lifestyle changes that you can absorb immediately.

Herbs as Medicinal Shampoos – The right shampoo can help you reduce dandruff and hair loss. If you think dandruff is causing hair loss, check the ingredients in the shampoo and avoid using products that are full of chemicals. You may need a medical or herbal shampoo to help you get rid of these hair care problems.

Using the best hair care products in Pakistan can be beneficial if you are experiencing such problems. This shampoo and conditioner, full of the enriching power of organic coconuts, is loaded with basic Ayurvedic herbs that act in hair care. While godapara and luniwala can soothe the scalp and help reduce dandruff, keekindiya increases blood circulation, which reduces hair loss.

Hydrate Well – Do Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Yes, if your skin is dry and lacks moisture. You can massage it with coconut oil to hydrate and heal the scalp. Drip a few drops into your hair and massage your fingers into the scalp. Coconut oil has antifungal properties that help increase blood circulation and increase the moisture of the scalp.

Stress Management – When you experience some stressful situations every day, it can lead to increased activity of the fungus on the scalp, which can lead to hair loss due to dandruff. Take a few minutes to rest and make time for something that will give you peace of mind. Better time management and planning ahead can also help combat stress. It can also help you identify many causes of dandruff, including oily hair dandruff, dry hair dandruff and various types of dandruff.