The Chairs from the Wicker Furniture Sets

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Due to their similarity, it might be difficult to tell which brands and types of wicker furniture are of great quality and which ones are rip-offs. Is it possible to tell whether you’re being cheated or not?

The goal of this article is to educate you and instil in you a sense of admiration for exceptional craftsmanship (and good prices). Spending too much money on the same thing might make you feel ripped off, even if you want to make sure your money is well spent on high-quality materials. Let’s get this show on the road!

What Qualifies a Product as High-Quality? There’s More Than Just Cheap Stuff and a Way to Identify It

Wicker made from low-quality plastics is susceptible to scuffing, ripping, and unravelling over time, making it less durable. The buildup of trash in landfills is exacerbated by the inability of plastic to decompose naturally. If the wicker used is of poor quality, it will seem and feel hollow. When seen from a distance, it will seem to be smooth vinyl. Plastic wicker furniture is not only unstable, but it also clings to your skin when you sit on it. Irregularities may be seen in the texture of the material. Choosing the right wicker chair is essential there.

Polyethylene is utilised in the manufacturing of high-quality wicker. Polyethylene, a synthetic plastic, is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to pollution. Some of the strands have ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors integrated into them, which protects them from fading caused by the sun. Polyethylene is a long-lasting, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant material. It won’t chip, crack, or lose its colour with time. As a bonus, it doesn’t affect the environment.


High-quality wicker furniture is always hand-woven by trained weavers who work on just a few rows at a time. Ten rows of wicker are completed at a period when the weaver wants to improve production more than quality. This often results in patterns that are skewed and have spacing that is neither consistent nor symmetrical. There will be noticeable differences in quality between the two sides of a piece of low-quality weaving. As a result, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to adjust PE strands and keep them straight when working with so many rows.

System of Support

Cutting shortcuts on the frame in order to keep costs down might lead to the frame bending and warping over time. Thick-gauge aluminium frames offer sturdy support while yet being light in weight. Your patio furniture will be much easier to shift about thanks to this.

In other cases, such as sectionals and daybeds, specialised support systems are built into the frame of the furniture. Bungee cords run through a netting support grid to offer extra stability to the seating area.

Keeps wicker from tearing and lowers the amount of wear it experiences. Weak support increases the likelihood of wicker furniture falling apart due to the extreme stress it is put to. These nets disperse the tension throughout the whole frame rather than putting it on the actual weave. This prevents chairs from drooping and avoids the possibility of punctures.


Another sign that the wicker furniture in issue is of great quality is the polish that is done to the frames. Attention to detail is the key! Frames may be given a more pleasing look by using powder coating. Simply said, it’s one of their options for ensuring that no corners are made.