The Best Tactical Flashlights for 2022 as per 80,000+ Rave Reviews

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The tactical flashlight is a professional flashlight based on a strong light flashlight and has a self-defense function. One is the physical attack function, that is, through the flashlight front attack head to cause pain and subdue the opponent for self-defense; the second is the burst flash function, that is, through the high-frequency burst flash bright light to make the opponent briefly blind, as self-defense and complete all kinds of sudden tactical tasks.

What are the best tactical flashlights?

The best tactical flashlights are more than just a light in the dark: they have a set of features and structures that allow you to do mission-critical work, especially in life-threatening situations.

Among the many flashlight brands, Olight tactical lights are found in a variety of duty scenarios. Olight was founded in 2007 and has been dedicated to providing the trusted, ultimate professional mobile lighting tools for military, police and outdoor personnel worldwide.

Olight warrior 3S 

Product Olight Warrior 3S
Available at
Max Output 2300 lumens
Beam Distance 300m
Weight 176g
Dimensions Length 139mm, Head Diameter 29.5mm, Body Diameter 26.2mm
Amazon Ratings 4.7/5

If you’re looking for a balance between price and quality, you should check out the warrior 3s tactical flashlight. The olight warrior 3s is great. The body weighs only 176 grams (including the battery), which is a little too much weight for a tactical flashlight. The extra weight bodes well for durability, and you can still carry it around in your pocket. It has an amazing IPX8 waterproof rating (meaning, it can be submerged in 2 meters of water for 30 minutes and still work fine). It can output 2,300 lumens of light, has a 5000mAh rechargeable battery with USB charging, and features six lighting modes (including strobe) and a security lock. Warrior 3S is a powerful dual-switch tactical flashlight with proximity sensor. Automatically dims brightness (high, turbo or strobe) when light is blocked by nearby objects. Use the two-stage tactical tail switch for fast action. Activate direct turbo or strobe with just one press. Use the remote switch to quickly access 2 different settings when mounted on your setup. Optional:sRod-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (With Stand). sRod Long Coil Wire Magnetic Remote Switch. E-WM25 Mount. Comes with a premium holster made of durable nylon material to protect your Warrior 3S. Quick access to the flashlight is also possible when the flashlight is fixed.


How many lumens does a tactical flashlight have?

You can find tactical flashlights on the market with around 60 to 2,200 lumens, and some models even go as high as 18,000 lumens. For most people or outdoor enthusiasts, a 60 to 2000 lumen tactical flashlight is largely sufficient as a self-defense tactical light.

Can tactical flashlights catch fire?

In certain scenarios, yes. You should have learned as a child that standing in the sun with a magnifying glass to form a beam point and placing dry paper or leaves underneath can light up. So using a tactical flashlight to light a fire is to use high lumens as well as with a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery to support the ultra-high power, plus the optical principle to achieve flashlight start a fire. So be careful when using a tactical flashlight as it can be more powerful than you need in most situations. Remember to buy a flashlight with a safety lock.

What is the difference between a tactical flashlight and an ordinary flashlight?

  • Light Quality:

Tactical flashlights have relatively high requirements for the light quality of the flashlight. First of all, the ideal aperture of the flashlight is two complete concentric circles, without light spots and flickering halos;

Color rendering and color temperature are also very important. Color rendering means whether the color we see with our eyes is the same as reality. If the color temperature is too high or too low, it will also affect the judgment of the color.

Flashlights with poor light quality will cause law enforcement officers to misjudge the color and shape of objects in times of crisis.

  • Stronger and more reliable: 

Tactical flashlights should not only be strong and durable, but also need to be anti-oxidative, drop-proof, waterproof, with a high IPX8 -level standard flashlight, can work normally in one or two meters of water.

  1. Easy and quick to operate:

The buttons of the flashlight should be easy to operate even when wearing gloves; the operation should not be too complicated, and the operation logic should be clear, and a safety lock should be provided.

But whether it is usually going out or outdoor camping, carrying a tactical flashlight can make people feel a lot more reassuring. Some times sudden lighting needs, not a mobile phone flashlight can handle.