The Best 20 Call Center Software

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Call center software includes several features that are designed to help a contact center run smoothly. It is a system that helps you streamline your customer support to provide great customer service.

The best call center software includes computer telephony and integration, allowing it to run alongside existing phone set-ups like VoIP phones and PBX phone systems. This means that businesses won’t have to upgrade everything to take advantage of its amazing benefits.

So, in this blog, we will look at the best 20 call center software for 2021.

Important call center software features:


Inbound callers can be greeted by an automated response that includes call acknowledgment, an estimated wait time, a website redirection, or a menu.

Customizing a quick menu helps route calls because it allows the callers to narrow down the representative before being connected and get their issues resolved immediately.

2.Skill-based call routing

Skill-based call routing is efficient in the long term. The dialed number, caller details, and response given via IVR can be used to assign the callers to the most qualified representative.

3.Voicemail or external routing

A good communication system must be able to route to voicemail or an external call center. You can customize the greeting and choose how they want to receive a notification. Email notifications are helpful when voicemails are left for particular extensions. 

The majority of call center solutions allow you to sort voicemails visually by caller ID, time of message left, and any other information it has access to. This makes it easier to respond to voicemails the next business day and appropriately prioritize them.

4.Omnichannel support

You can manage website inquiries, live chat, email, social media, and phone calls all in one place with omnichannel support. This helps businesses to see a customer’s journey with the company.

5.CRM Integration

Rather than annually transferring data between CRM and call center software, integrating the two allows you to make the best use of all your customer data. It is useful for predictive and automated dialing, using a data set that was already gathered for an outbound campaign.

6.Cloud-based calling

Call center software cloud-based prevents businesses from relying on on-site servers and infrastructure, allowing workers to access it anywhere. Cloud-based calling allows you to scale much more effectively than a physical phone can, like having more representatives available on more lines during high call volumes without those lines costing you money.

7.Outbound campaign management

There are two key features a business needs if they have ongoing call campaigns, click to call and automatic dialing, which will save your sales team a lot of time. With the click to call feature, you click on your dashboard, and it will dial for you. With automatic dialing, it automatically calls the next number from an assigned list as soon as a representative finishes a call.

8.Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics software can record metrics, analyze them, and create reports to create an efficient team. The tracking includes:

  • Average call length
  • First-call resolution rate
  • Agent’s idle time
  • Agent’s utilization rate
  • Call transfer rate
  • Average queue time
  • Call abandonment rate
  • Cost per contact

9.Call recording

Call recording is a great way to ensure that your company is providing high-quality customer service. This allows you to review difficult calls to see how an issue was resolved and use them for training and gain valuable business insights.

10.Supervisor tools

Real-time responses and assistance are encouraged with a call center solution that includes a suite of supervisor tools. Useful tools to include are:

  • KPI monitoring 
  • Team messaging
  • Listen, whisper, and barge-in features
  • Work optimization reports


11.Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI software connects the functions of your phone with your computer. With this software, you can easily integrate the phone into your work processes by turning your computer into a virtual call center with just some clicks.

12.Desktop notifications

Pop-up notifications on your desktop are an option in call center software to ensure you don’t miss any calls. This way, you will always be aware when you receive a call or when a call is transferred to you.

13.Warm calling and transfers

A successful way to reach new customers and sell your products and services is through warm-calling. With warm-calling, you can quickly reach out to people who have shown an interest in your product and have been previously connected with your company. 

You can talk to your co-worker before transferring the call to them to get them up to speed on the information they need for a successful customer call using this feature.

14.Call accounting software

This telecommunication software captures, records, and costs telephone usage events. Call accounting systems to detect outbound and inbound calls, call ring-outs, call routings, abandoned calls, to name a few.

15.Web-based Administration

Web-based administration design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot websites and ensure a safe and efficient user experience by implementing security protocols, creating backups, and more. 

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Coding websites
  • Collaborating with development teams
  • Setting up tools to monitor website traffic
  • Analyze website traffic 

16.Call scripting

A call script picks up certain keywords in your customer’s email and offers troubleshooting instructions based on a common answer. With this feature, you can look at the script history and personalize your response to the customer. Call scripting also enables businesses to create standard scripts that their representatives can use, ensuring that customers have a consistent experience regardless of who they speak with.

17.Caller ID

With caller ID, your representatives can see detailed information about each caller and provide personalized customer support.

18.Feedback monitoring 

Feedback monitoring 

Feedback monitoring is important for any business to grow and improve constantly. Receiving feedback on your company’s performance lets you know where you can improve and provide better services.

19.Dial by directory

This software application helps workers or outside callers find the workers they are looking for. By typing in the letter that corresponds to that person’s name on their keypad, you can locate a person within your company. Dial by the directory is generally used so workers and inbound callers can reach a party if they don’t know their extension.

20.Conference Calls 

Conference calls increase workers’ efficiency and productivity without meeting in person. This feature includes call activity, integrated audio, and web conferencing.

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