The Beryl Stone: A Great Choice

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Whether you are looking for motivation, inspiration, or a push to get you moving, the Beryl stone is a great choice. Its powerful energy can provide the push needed to get things done. Sometimes, this energy appears out of nowhere and can spur wonderful ideas. It can feel like playful energy that will unwind when it runs its course. Read on to discover why beryl is one of the best crystals for you. You will be glad you made the choice to add it to your collection! Check out healingspro.

Red beryl

The mystical properties of the Red Beryl stone can help you with your daily life. It is used to help ease stress, remove unwanted baggage, and strengthen your circulatory and pulmonary systems. Red Beryl will allow you to communicate with your higher self, and to tune into divine guidance. Red Beryl can boost self-esteem and help with spiritual and emotional challenges. It can also heal pains and obstacles and speed up the healing process.

This stone is sourced from the Wah-Wah Mountains of western Utah. Lamar Hodges staked the Ruby-Violet claim in 1958, and found gem-quality crystals in a small area. In 1976, the Harris family purchased the claim and began working the mine for gems. The Red Beryl color can vary from orange to purple-red, depending on the elements available when it formed. You can describe it as red scarlet, gooseberry, or purple-red.

The Red Beryl stone is one of the rarest forms of beryl. This rare form of beryl is only found in a few places. It was discovered first in Utah in 1904. However, it was originally called Bixbite. This was mistaken for a bixbyte, a black mineral. The stone was later renamed to beryl which is a sound like berry. Read about beryl metaphysical properties.


Morganite, while not considered a traditional birthstone is a great match for people born to Pisces or Taurus. The Pisces sign is known for its emotional sensitivity and romantic energy. They also have a playful, pleasure-seeking nature. If you’re one of these lucky ones, you might want to consider a piece of Morganite jewelry to show off your affection. You will be warmened by its rosy pink hues.

Morganite in Beryl can be used as a ring, or as a pendant. It honors the Sumero-Babylonian Goddess, Tiamat. The elemental chaos that splits into heaven and earth is sometimes depicted as either a dragon or a serpent. Morganite can also help with obstacles. This stone also represents Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of fertility and love. There are many other names for her, such as Queen of the Stars and Goddess of Fertility.

The mineral morganite is found in Madagascar. It was discovered in 1910, and was originally known as pink beryl. The American gemologist, George D. Kunz, was the first to name the stone. Morgan was a well-known gem collector and was a frequent donor to the American Museum of Natural History. Gem collectors have valued it since because of its rarity. You can also find this gem in mineral deposits in Brazil, Namibia, Afghanistan, Russia, and Madagascar.


The yellow-gold color of Heliodor beryl comes from trace amounts of iron impurities in the beryl crystal structure. Color of Heliodor is directly affected by the Fe2+/Fe3+ concentrations. The location of impurities in the crystal structure is also important for the color of heliodor. Beryl’s crystal structure is made up of channels that are outlined with rings of (SiO)6 units. Sometimes, the channels’ outlines may contain water or other impurities. Heliodor beryl crystals are translucent, transparent and glassy with a yellowish-gold hue. Although Heliodor can be mistaken for aquamarine or gold, it is difficult to distinguish the yellow-colored aquamarine from Heliodor.

The energy of Heliodor helps you bring the power of intention into action. Although you might not immediately be able achieve the desired changes, you can use daily visualization to help you get there. You will also be more aware of your direction and the flow of the things you desire. Heliodor is a great option if you’re looking for ways to enhance your love life and your relationships. Heliodor can increase your happiness, optimism, openness, and love for your partner.

In addition to aquamarine and heliodor beryl stones, beryl gemstones are also widely available in different colors. Aquamarines, for instance, are the March birthstone. These stones make great gifts for 19th-anniversaries. Morganites, peachy pink beryls, are also becoming popular alternatives to diamonds. A yellow beryl is also commonly found in nature, making it an inexpensive and affordable option for an elegant ring.