The Benefits of Getting a Private Home Tutor

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Even in a progressive country like Singapore, in the years that children spend in school, a period arrives that they lose their motivation to learn. For some, it can only be temporary and they regain their enthusiasm for learning. But for most, that may not always be the case.

There can be any number of reasons children can become demotivated and this will greatly affect their performance and grades at school. Although grades may not necessarily reflect a child’s true intelligence and knowledge, for parents, grades are still essential and become part of the child’s future outcomes and choices.

Thus, many parents in Singapore eventually consider hiring private home tuition. If you now find yourself in a similar situation, you may be wondering if it’s worth your money. These are the usual benefits of private tutoring.

Private tutors work at a specific pace – the pace set by your child

Firstly, private tutors will feel out your child’s weaknesses, learning problems, pressures, and strengths. Based on these, the tutor will work at a pace that is right for the student. Classroom environments are often fast-moving, time-sensitive, and insensitive to every student’s needs. A private tutor can teach lessons at a slower pace and the student will be able to ask questions that normally aren’t asked in the classroom.

Private tutors give personal one-to-one attention

Classrooms in Singapore may contain between 25 and 30 students. This makes it difficult for teachers to provide individualised attention. Some students do need extra help and this is provided by the private tutor whose full attention is on a single student and doesn’t need to worry about other students in the classroom. As the lessons progress, the tutor gets to know your child’s learning style and modifies teaching methods accordingly.

 They don’t just teach because they’re not your child’s teacher or parent

Let’s face it, some children find it hard to open up to their parents when academics are involved. This is why parents are often discouraged to be their child’s tutor. Many children will respond to a private tutor in a way they don’t respond to teachers or parents. They don’t resist the tutor’s instructions, and will even listen intently when given academic and social skills advice. Often, children will respond to help from tutors who aren’t authority figures, someone they can identify with, someone who also responds to the child.

Helping your child achieve goals and increased confidence

Having a private tutor is a game-changer for your child because the priority is to achieve goals and objectives that your child thought was unachievable. As your child improves and achieves more, his or her grades improve. This increases the child’s self-confidence to strive and achieve more. It is very important for a child to learn skills to improve reading. Phonics skills for tweens has been developed specifically for emerging readers in grades 4–8 who are developing their decoding skills. The series is also useful for newcomers with no prior English language skills. Written at emergent and beginning reader levels, the books have been carefully controlled to showcase phonics skills, beginning with CVC words and progressing through long vowels, consonant digraphs, vowel diphthongs, and multisyllabic words. Accompanied by dynamic full-color photos, the engaging storylines are tween-centric and represent a wide variety of genres.

Parent’s Safety Concern

Some parents might have safety concerns about leaving their child with an adult they may not know well, and having access to their home as well. To set aside these negative concerns, it will be beneficial for all concerned to seek private tutoring only from a registered and legitimate home tuition agency that properly vets their professionals and can submit background reports on the tutor if requested by parents.

One such legitimate and recognised private tuition agency in Singapore is FamilyTutor.

Why hire tutors from FamilyTutor?

  • We cover all 28 districts in Singapore and we can send private tutors to all these housing districts.
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  • We have media recognitions from such media outlets as Channel 8, The Strait Times, and MediaCorp.
  • We have been the 2020 recipient winner of a Prestige Award from CorporateLiveWire Singapore.
  • Our tutors are graduates or undergraduates from prestigious colleges and universities in Singapore that we collaborate with, such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University-Singapore, to name a few.
  • You pay no additional tuition agency fee or hidden fees.
  • We match a suitable tutor for your child within 24 hours only from our hand-picked, vetted, and high quality private or online tutors. We don’t use computer programmes for matching.
  • We share detailed familyTutor profiles with parents to make sure they know who they are engaging with.