The Journey Continues: ‘The Beginning After The End 142’ Explored

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By Freya

Chapter 142 of “the beginning after the end 142” takes an unexpected turn as Arthur faces a challenging circumstance. Despite his heroic actions in saving people from Lucas’ evil, Arthur is unexpectedly arrested by the Lances and is forced to face a trial. This twist leaves readers wondering about the fate of our hero.

Previously, after Arthur successfully defeated Lucas, many anticipated that he would continue his mission to save Elijah and confront Draneeve. However, the story takes a different path as Arthur becomes the one needing rescue. His mana has been drained, and he requires someone to replenish it and set him free.

The narrative of “The Beginning After the End 142” centers around a former king named Grey. After his unexpected death, he is reborn as Arthur Leywin, determined to rectify the mistakes he made in his previous life. 

Arthur’s demise occurred under mysterious circumstances in the exciting new continent of Dicathen, inhabited by mythical creatures. In his new life, Arthur harnesses the power of magic and strives to become a powerful and wise ruler.

A Quick Recap of TBATE Chapter 141

Varay Aurae asks Arthur to accompany her to the Mage Guild camp while they await the council’s decision. Meanwhile, news of Arthur’s deeds has spread far and wide, and people everywhere are talking about him. Arthur’s family pays him a visit, saddened by his current predicament. He requests Varay’s permission to speak with his family, and she grants him that opportunity. While Bairon becomes angry at Varay for allowing this, Olfred advises him to calm down.

Who Wrote This Story?

The beginning after the end 142” is a book written by Tim Jones. It tells the story of a man whose life is reset to the day of his wife’s death when he awakens from a coma. 

He must relive that day and strive for a different outcome. The book has captured the attention of Hollywood studio Warner Bros., which acquired the film rights, indicating its potential for captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and thrilling action scenes. It has also gained popularity as a manga among fans.

The Beginning After The End 142– Character, Story, and Twist

the beginning after the end 142

As for Chapter 142, the beginning after the end anime, it continues to focus on Arthur Leywin’s journey and the twists and turns he encounters. King Grey’s mysterious death sets the stage for Arthur’s life and legacy to unfold. As he navigates his new life as Arthur Leywin, he seeks redemption for his past misdeeds in the thriving land of Dicathen. 

The presence of extraordinary creatures in this magical world adds an element of wonder to the story. Drawing on his previous experience as a powerful king, Arthur utilizes his newfound magical abilities to shape his new life.

Arthur Leywin, the former King of Greencastle, remains the manga’s main character. Reincarnated as a young boy in a dream-like world after his death, he initially has no recollection of his past life. As he grows older and discovers his extraordinary abilities, Arthur embarks on a journey to reclaim his lost kingdom and make amends for his past actions. 

Along the way, he encounters a diverse cast of characters and faces numerous trials that test his leadership skills, capacity for repentance, and personal growth. The manga explores redemption, personal development, and pursuing a rightful place in the world.

When was it Released?

Chapter 142 of “The Beginning After the End” was released on Friday, April 22, 2022. This exciting part has a great story, so people will enjoy reading it.

The beginning after the end comic and after the finish is an excellent manhwa with a compelling plot. There are a lot of chapters, but chapter 142 is one of the most interesting.

How old is Arthur when he dies?

The sources are not definitive in terms of Arthur’s age at the time of his death. Some suggest that he died between 35 and 50, while others claim he died at 75. The exact age remains ambiguous within the context of the story.

Overall, “The Beginning After the End” continues to captivate readers with its intriguing plot, dynamic characters, and unexpected twists. As Arthur Leywin navigates his newfound life and strives to rectify his past mistakes, readers are on a thrilling journey filled with adventure, magic, and personal growth.

Who is the main female character in Beginning After the End?

Lilia Helstea is the main girl character. She is the daughter of Vincent and Tabith Helstea. She works as the secretary of the student council at Xyrus Academy.

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The beginning after the end of 142 presents a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged and invested in Arthur Leywin’s journey of redemption and self-discovery. The unexpected twists and turns, coupled with the depth of the characters and the vibrant magical world of Dicathen, make this manga a must-read for fans of adventure, fantasy, and personal growth.

The story continues from the events of the previous chapter. Varay Aurae, a significant character, accompanies Arthur to the Mage Guild camp while they wait for the council’s decision.

Arthur’s heroic actions have gained attention and spread widely, with people everywhere talking about him and his deeds. This newfound fame brings both admiration and discussion from various individuals.

Amidst the ongoing turmoil, Arthur has a heartfelt interaction with his family. These moments provide emotional depth to the story and offer Arthur opportunities for reflection and connection with his loved ones.

Chapter 142 moves the story forward by expanding on the events and introducing new elements, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.