The 1984 World Heavyweight Red Strap Wrestling Championship Belt of the WWF Hulk Hogan

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Since my childhood, I’ve been following professional wrestling. My family often told me stories about the time I wasn’t able to speak. They tell me how I fell for the sport after I saw it on cable TV. One of the most interesting stories was about me using a kitchen spoon as a microphone. To copy an interviewer asking questions about a wrestler, I would shout out my words and then hold them in front of my dad.

Then, I would play with dolls on the bed of my parents. I would jump from the top drawers onto my bed and imagine the Macho Man performing a flying elbow smash. In the late 1990s, we stopped having actual wrestling matches and started our own wrestling teams. My childhood was shaped by wrestling belt.

The title belts were what took me by surprise in pro wrestling. Every time a champion walked down the aisle, I was glued to my TV to catch a glimpse of the belt. It was the era before DVR. This made it impossible to pause the TV and get a close view.

You had to keep your eyes on the TV to get as close as possible to the engraving details. My friends and myself would be so attentive to the screen that we would talk about the wear and tear the belts would show from week after week. One time in 1999, I noticed that the WCW World Heavyweight Championship plate was missing some fasteners. This caused the belt to separate from the leather by an unusually large margin. It created a noticeable gap. These kinds of things are a sign that we were geeks.

Because I’ve been watching wrestling for so long, I’ve seen many designs come and go over the years. Some belts remain in my memory and have become my favorites. As my Top Wrestling Championship Belts, one of my favorite belts will be featured in this post. I will do my best to not show any bias based on era or promotion and give this belt the proper justice. Ladies and gentlemen, without further delay, I present to the world the WWF Hulk Hogan 1984 World Heavyweight Red Strap Wrestling Championship Belt.

This iconic belt was worn only for a very short time. I don’t understand why it is so often overlooked. When the Iron Sheik defeated the Hulk Hogan in 1984, he held up the iconic green strapped belt. He celebrated the victory with it in the locker area. It was not a terrible belt, but it was an indication of times. It seemed more like the belt was made in a trophy workshop in Pennsylvania where WWF tapings were recorded. Vince McMahon was determined to promote his company to the next level, which would be national. He quickly realized that he required a title-worthy belt to compete for the title of professional wrestler. That was precisely the design that launched that journey.

It is interesting to note that the winged eagle belt  logo was not included on this WWF Hulk Hogan 1984 World Heavyweight Red Strap Wrestling Championship Belt. The letters WWF are in plain text on the belt’s top, above the eagle’s head. It’s a fine, respectable-looking championship belt. This was the start of the war against the territories.

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