Tatarstan residents can choose their own courtyards for improvement

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On the Portal of State Services of Tatarstan and in the mobile application “Services of the Republic of Tatarstan” on April 26, voting will start for objects that will be landscaped next year. In addition to public spaces, Tatarstan citizens themselves will be able to choose 200 courtyards, the reconstruction of which will take place within the framework of the republican program “Our Courtyard”. It will also be possible to express an opinion on the implementation of the Development Strategy for the Kazanka River.

Tatarstan citizens must choose their municipal district, vote for the public space and courtyard, which, in their opinion, need to be arranged. You can take part in the voting only once.

It will be possible to express your opinion on the development of the coastal zones of the Kazanka River by completing surveys about five parks that will be designed this year. Projects will be discussed: “Gardens at Kazanka”, “Manzara”, “Russian-German Switzerland”, “Sports Park” and “Savinovsky Park”. In total, within the framework of the Development Strategy of the Kazanka River, it is planned to create 12 coastal parks. Voting will be open until May 30.