Tammy Bruce: Democrats ‘weaponize’ phrases like ‘anti-racist’, ‘Jim Crow’; ‘whoever controls language wins’

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Democrats and far-left progressives are not concerned whether the language they use follows the true definitions of the words they say because they’re “carefully calculating” how to control the public discourse by doing so, “Fox News Primetime” host Tammy Bruce said Tuesday:

TAMMY BRUCE: Because the so-called woke vocabulary infecting every corner of our culture, from terms like “systemic racism,” “anti-racist,” “voter suppression” “Jim Crow 2.0” “equity” and so many more are all deliberately phrased to sound like reasonable positions or agendas, but they’re in fact quite the opposite: There is a method to the left’s madness and contorting language, changing definitions is part of it. 

 Because whoever controls the language, wins.

The more you are unsure about what is safe to think… the less you are inclined to think critically… and that is what the left needs to survive, you on your heels, you silent, you compliant, or canceled. 

The less we are able to speak the truth, and the more meaningless the words become, the more vague ‘acceptable’ language itself becomes: Truth is the victim, and meaningless word-salads will rule the day.

Think about what happens to truth on every issue when you deliberately create a world where lies are the order of the day… If you control definitions, if you mask racism under the definition of “anti-racism” or promote far-left ideas under the banner of “equity”, or seek to dismantle police under the mantra “Black Lives Matter” you very well just might be able to put these ideas into action without a lot of Americans even noticing how it happened.

In the meantime, the grifters continue to get rich while Black Americans suffer the consequences of opportunists using the suffering created by a selfish and inhumane establishment… We have new information on just how a leader of BLM became wealthy in a scheme between woke corporations and grifters disguised as advocates and the chaos they continue to inflict on urban America. 

It’s a vicious circle of foolishness, and a vicious circle of distorting reality, and a vicious cycle of suppressing speech.


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