Strasbourg will ban diesel cars by 2028

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The authorities of the metropolis of Strasbourg (France) intend to introduce a ban on the use of cars with diesel engines. This was announced on Wednesday, April 28, by the BFM Business edition.

The decision will be faked gradually in order to “change the habits of the population,” in particular, diesel cars will be banned in stages, according to the level of pollution they produce, said Metropolitan President Pia Imbs.

It is noted that the authorities intend to take a set of measures to popularize public transport among the population. In particular, it will become free for people under the age of 18, and the network of tram lines and metro will be expanded. In addition, families with modest incomes will receive subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, the newspaper noted.

The Strasbourg authorities clarified that in 33 municipalities of the metropolis, the level of pollution established by European standards is currently exceeded.

On March 2, it became known that the Swedish company Volvo plans to become a firm producing exclusively electric vehicles by 2030. It is noted that the acceleration of electrification is due to the high demand for such vehicles in recent years and the belief that the market for vehicles with internal combustion engines is shrinking.