Storm in Texas: we feel good at home!

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In Quebec, normally, winters are always too long and summers too short. Many Quebecers dream of spending their winters in the South to avoid the ice, snow and cold.

This week, I watched the winter storm in Texas and the millions of citizens deprived of power and water. It was panic. It saddened me to see them in this state and at the same time, I savored our chance to be able to live the cold season in very warm homes.

As it is part of our habits, we no longer even realize how lucky we are to be equipped to face the worst weather conditions. It is a great wealth to have snow plows, spreaders, winter tires, isolated houses, heating systems and for many, homes.

Texas was completely paralyzed. Citizens could no longer go to work because the roads were frozen and slippery, their electricity network did not have enough power to withstand a sharp increase in demand for heating and the water network was not designed to resist the cold.

No electricity, no water, grocery stores ran out of everything, leading to dozens of deaths in brutal conditions, like carbon monoxide poisonings, house fires, car crashes and death. hypothermia. Let’s say that in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Texans would have gone well without this one too.

Of course, we are not immune to a crisis like the ice storm that caused many blackouts, but snowstorms and cold hold no secrets for us. It may be bitterly cold outside, but we can sleep safely in our homes. When there are power outages, they are never of this magnitude.

If there is a positive side to this pandemic, it is that it will have allowed us to appreciate more the joys of winter. Sliding, skating, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, I have rarely seen so many people enjoy going outside in the winter. So much the better! When you live in a Nordic country, it is better to learn to appreciate its strengths rather than constantly criticize them. Sometimes, when we compare ourselves, we console ourselves.