Some Cool Ways to Style a V Part Wig

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By Henry Jackson

From affordability to convenience, V-part wigs keep giving people more reasons to gravitate towards them. No wonder it is slowly becoming one of the most sought after wigs nowadays. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to style a v-part wig, making it difficult for them to maximize its benefits. This article gives you 6 great styles that you can use to spice up your v part wig. It also defines the category of people who are best suited for a V-part wig.

Let’s dive in!

Six Great Ways to Style a V Part Wig

1. Two half-up buns

Since this isn’t a frontal wig you’re dealing with, you may not be able to sweep your half-up buns. But this is not the end of the road. You can still achieve this by taking small sections of hair to one side of your middle v-part and rolling them into a bun. This look is easy to achieve and helps you achieve a chic and elegant look for a night out with friends or a casual day at work.

2. Two lesser pairs

If you’ve had a v-part wig for a while now, you’ve probably tried packing a low bun. This is the most basic go-to style with these types of wigs. But did you know that you can improve this look by simply dividing the bun into two sections? This look goes well with almost every occasion. However, it is best suited for work, as it gives you a formal yet elegant look.

3. Bilateral plaque

If you’re tired of buns, this is a trendy style to try with your v-part wig. It’s stylish, practical, and can go with any type of v-part wig, whether it’s long or short. To achieve this look, you first need to make sure that you install your v-part wig leaving it in the middle. Next, make two plaits in front of each side of your hair, one on the left and one on the right.

Let them hang down and make them into braids. This style looks more playful than a low bun so you’ll want to wear it for casual outings and occasions.

4. V-part wig with headband

As you already know, V-part wigs are half wigs, making them perfect for headbands. Headbands allow for a wide range of styles that you can adapt to fit every occasion. For example, a bow headband is a more casual and playful look that’s perfect for a night out with friends or a casual date. On the other hand, a braided headband gives a more casual look that is perfect for work or corporate occasions. You can also try different colored headbands to match your outfit.

5. Half up half down

Another hairstyle you can do with a headband is the half up half down style. Since it’s not a frontal wig, you won’t be able to sweep your hair back to achieve a half part but you can use a headband to cover it up. This is an unconventional hairstyle that fits every occasion. So, you can go to work with this style and go out to dinner later without having to restyle.

To achieve this style, leave small sections of your hair on each side of your middle V section. Next, place your headband at the hairline to pull the rest of your hair back. This helps cover the hairline so you can do a half-up half-down style.

6. Side part and cornrows

This is another chic style that goes well with almost every occasion. You can achieve this by applying your v-part wig to the side and with a leave. Next, blend your natural hair with your v-part wig to create a neat cornrow on a small side part.

Who are v part wigs for?

V part wigs are for anyone who wants to spice up their wig collection with something different. However, there are a set of people who are best suited for a v-part wig based on the condition of the hair or the goals of the wig. The first set of people best suited for a V part wig are beginners. V-part wigs are easy to install, as they don’t require glue or rigid installation methods. So, if you’re new to the wig game, you should try a v-part wig.

Another set of people are those who suffer from hair loss or other hair related problems. V-part wigs do not require glue which helps to preserve your natural hair. Also, it adds more volume to your hair which helps to hide any hair imperfections that you may be struggling with. Finally, v-part wigs are for those looking for an affordable wig. Since this is a one and a half wig, they are not as expensive as other wigs.


V part wigs are indeed a sight to behold. They help you achieve many hair goals and hide hair imperfections. On top of that, this wig allows you to try many unconventional styles. You can try two side plaits, side part and cornrows, half up half down with headbands etc. In addition to their versatility, v part and lace front wigs are affordable and easy for beginners, making them a favorite choice among many.