Six people died from COVID-19 in the Volgograd region

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The operational headquarters published information about new deaths that occurred per day in the region.

According to official data, as of April 24, doctors identified 104 cases of COVID-19 infection in the Volgograd region. In addition, six residents died from complications amid a dangerous infection: one woman and five men.

A 79-year-old resident of Volgograd and an 82-year-old resident of the Serafimovichi district sought medical help three days after the onset of the illness. After examination, the men were hospitalized.

A 95-year-old man from the Nikolaevsky district and an 84-year-old resident of the Danilovsky district were treated independently when their health worsened. When the retirees got worse after four days, they asked for help and were sent to hospitals.

64-year-old kamyshan tried to get rid of the disease himself, but to no avail. The man called a doctor a week later and was hospitalized.

A 63-year-old resident of Volgograd treated herself when she felt unwell. Only eight days later, the woman asked for help and was sent to the hospital.

Doctors found bilateral pneumonia and coronavirus in all patients. Treatment made it difficult for citizens to have various chronic diseases.

Despite all the efforts of the doctors, including in the conditions of intensive care, it was not possible to save the lives of the patients.