Significance Of Professional App Localization For Growth Of Business

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App localization

Professional app localization solutions have become significant to cater to the global need of mobile apps and their usage. 

There is heavy investment in localization and in the process of providing unique value propositions to the local consumer base. There are a number of apps that are now available in more than 40 languages.

The term ‘localization’ originates from the word locale that involves the language and its reference to a customer what he speaks and its combinations.

Mobile app localization is a process that involves the adaption of an application according to the language and culture of the target audience. 

Professional app localization solutions include the adoption of an app with reference to every aspect to fit in target market’s needs and preferences including currency and unit conversion, date formats, cultural norms, legal regulations, and a number of different technological standards.

Let us take an example of Singapore, where most of the time there is outbound travel. They started local marketing campaigns that promoted ‘staycations’. Besides Singapore, there was a launch of co-branded credit cards in Japan.

Back in 2015, Airbnb got an immense raise in the user base by around 700% by working on Chinese app localization services and creating signup flows for Chinese users as a result of localization.

 A new lot could sign up using WeChat or Weibo accounts, these are the two most popular social media platforms in China. This proves that localization is a vast and endless thing, and it goes beyond translation.

Why go for localization

Localization is the process of adaption of a website and mobile app according to the preferences and choices of foreign audiences. It includes translating content and fulfilling users’ requirements and expectations.

However, translation is not the only process. The website has to be technically adjustable and compatible with the target market, it should look good in other languages, be culturally appropriate as well as according to the market norms.

Localization consists of

  • Date, number, and time formats
  • Currency types
  • Symbols and icons
  • Images and text
  • Line length
  • Text orientation
  • Name order for personal names

Professional app localization solution contains a user-friendly design that is attractive for target audiences. UI/UX design also differs as per customers’ choices and preferences.

Reasons for going for professional app localization 

There are a few reasons that make professional app localization significant for the business and its growth.

Global access

Professional app localization solution is inevitable to cater to the needs and preferences of today’s audience. China is one of the world’s biggest markets and companies opt for Chinese app localization services at first. 

There are a number of translation vendors that offer certified Chinese translation services. Hence, the localization in different areas and countries make global access easy. This is the foremost reason to go for a professional app localization solution.

Huge Return on Investment

Investing in professional app localization solutions always yields positive results. Though people often take localization costly first, however when you get to work with professional translators who are native speakers, companies realize how these are worth spending money on. Therefore, localizing it well, and outsourcing the project to a professional localization solution can bring huge and guaranteed ROI. Once the process of localization is started, and it is expanded in China after hiring good Chinese app localization services, things get easier.

Unlimited sales potential

According to the surveys, one of the most popular games of its times, Pokémon Go made a whopping amount of $35 million in its first two weeks of release. 

It is also interesting to note that they hardly localized and only a few markets were targeted. Nintendo invested in a robust localization policy and yielded unlimited global sales. 

They study all markets well and ensure that texts, icons, numbers, and images are localized exactly as per target viewers. When it comes to mobile app localization, it includes Android app localization as well which is a popular operating system and greatly in demand. So, hiring professional localization makes it happen to generate as much as possible.

Competitive edge and benefits

An effective app localization process fetches more users and the download number is just amazing. 

A process that doesn’t cater to users’ needs and is not adapted the way they like and goes for download might end up as a disaster and won’t last long. 

According to surveys, around 90% of people delete the apps right after downloading if they don’t comprehend things properly. 

However, 16% of the users give it a second try. This proves how investing in professional app localization solutions can bring competitive benefits and will get more download-enhancing user experience.

Even though the app is not being localized fully, analyzing the system of measurement, currency, and local expressions is significant. 

Getting the right and professional localization vendor is the ultimate solution. It will also give the competitive edge.

Improved visibility

A renowned and popular app in China might not be popular in the USA or other markets. China has a population of billions. Every entrepreneur prefers to start globalization from China and hires certified Chinese translation services as the first thing of the process. 

The localization approach should be different as per the different localization markets. Proper localization of android app localization including texts, images, and descriptions of the app will provide amazing visibility in the Google Play Store. Stuffing or right and relevant keywords are also significant for better reach and visibility.

A solid and systemized strategy gets more downloads and eventually will lead to more sales and revenue.

Expanding reach globally

This is an advanced and technologically rich era. Every individual owns a smartphone that is full of apps. These phones are used all over the world, hence, everyone in different corners of the world uses mobile and apps of their interests. 

Around 99% of the apps are available in English, although English is a universal language however, not everyone can understand English. Chinese and Mandarin Chinese are spoken by billions of people, so Chinese app localization services should be hired instantly.

Being a service provider or a business owner, the need of realizing global reach is imminent. Language is one of the biggest barriers, and localization and translation is made to remove this barrier.

Limiting the business to a particular region and area is also not a great idea in this era of globalization. Hence, localizing mobile apps has become significant.


Final words

Professional app localization solution is a must for mobile and other apps. Localization is the need of the hour, and it requires particular practices and criteria. Professional services are important to carry out. 

There are many language vendors who claim to be good ones however, not all of these are professional, and to utilize the maximum services, it is always recommended to go for the professional app localization solution.