Should I Use a VPN for Torrenting?

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Torrents are a popular means for millions of people to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. They enable viewers to download and stream their favorite titles without paying a single penny.

Though, people also ought to know that downloading torrents for movies and TV shows, or any other reason, for that matter, is illegal in some regions. Moreover, downloading torrents from websites can expose you to cybercrime.

But what to do when downloading torrents is unavoidable? Should you give torrenting completely? Or is there any other way of downloading torrents? Fortunately, you can make downloading torrents easier and safer with the help of a VPN service.

Let us guide you on whether or not you should use a VPN to download torrents. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Torrenting?

First up, you ought to understand what torrenting is. Torrenting is a way for people to download files freely from the web. With the help of a torrent client, users connect to a network where the required file can be downloaded from.

However, instead of downloading the file from a single source, users download torrents that are being seeded from multiple sources from different locations in the world. Thus, the higher the number of seeders for a torrent, the better the chances for a user to download the torrent file quickly.

What is a VPN?

Next, you should know what a VPN is. Short for Virtual Private Networks, VPNs allow users to mask their actual IP addresses and further replace them with a different IP address from another geographical location.

As a result, the website a user might be visiting assumes that the person is in a different geographical location. Moving on, when the person returns to the web, their previous web activity and information is not brought up since it was not stored, to begin with. This makes it possible to stay safe from third-party intruders, phishing scams, and other forms of cybercrime.

Should I Use a Free VPN?

Let’s say that you are living in New York. Now, you can choose from various free New York VPN services. However, many such VPN services are merely posing as VPN services, whereas their main agenda is to gather your personal information and sell it off to third parties. Since they are not charging you as a customer, they might resort to such activities to earn an income.

On the other hand, if you opt for a paid New York VPN in the city, you will likely gain access to a VPN service with strict no-logs policies and military-grade encryption. And a company that is earning legally from its subscribers would not want to jeopardize this relationship by compromising user data.

Are VPNs Legal?

Using VPNs is legal in most countries around the world. However, there are still some regions in the world where using a VPN is illegal. And doing so may cause you to face serious consequences.

Thus, we recommend you contact a legal professional before subscribing to a VPN service. And only if they give you the green light should you proceed to use a VPN for torrenting.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Primarily, torrenting is an entirely legal activity. That being said, it is legal to download torrents as long as the file you are downloading is not protected by copyright law. If the file is copyright protected, downloading such torrents would fall under the illegal category. Thus, you ought to practice extreme caution when downloading torrents.

Should You Use VPNs for Torrenting?

You can download torrents with and without VPNs. However, adding a VPN service to the connection has its benefits. For starters, torrent websites are often flooded with third-party ads and pop-ups, which can get quite irritating if you ever come across them. If you log on to such sites without a VPN, they can access your personal information, which might lead them to follow you whenever you return to the web.

In contrast, if you mask your IP address with a VPN service, you can stay safe from such pop-ups, as your information will be private. Moreover, specific torrent sites may be geo-restricted in your region, and only with the help of a VPN service would you be able to gain access to such sites.

All Things Considered

A New York VPN service is not just excellent for downloading torrents; it offers significant security and privacy features that can be helpful in any online scenario. So, we recommend that you connect through a VPN service whenever you go online. Just make sure that the VPN you are using is legitimate or not.