Sheriff turned GOP lawmaker’s personal plea to Biden after address to Congress

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Freshman Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, joined “America’s Newsroom” Friday to discuss the moment he pulled President Biden aside after his joint address to Congress to offer help on criminal justice reform using his experience as a former sheriff.

Rep. Troy Nehls: I campaigned on on this issue related to some meaningful criminal justice reform. I mean, President Trump, he did his best attempt to get some meaningful criminal justice reform. I think Senator Tim Scott, who I respect a great deal, was was carrying that torch. But then the Democrats in the end shot it down.

So now we have President Biden. We’ve seen more civil unrest in our country. And so I think President Biden is going to try to do something, I guess, meaningful. He wants to call it police reform. I don’t want to call it police reform. I think it needs to be called criminal justice reform. And I have experience in that serving as a sheriff in Fort Bend County, Texas, a large county, the most diverse county in the entire country.

I feel that I can add some meaningful insight to the conversation. And that’s what I asked him about and spoke to him about the other the other night. 

The following morning, I was flying back into the district, but they did reach out to my office up in D.C. and we have a meeting scheduled on Tuesday. So I’m looking forward to developing this conversation. And hopefully we will have a president that will actually want to have some true, meaningful criminal justice reform.


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