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A thorough inside and out cleaning of your kitchen canopy is provided by Canopy Cleaning Melbourne, using specialized equipment of the highest Australian level. Located in Melbourne, we specialize in “canopy cleaning” as well as “kitchen exhaust cleaning.” We clean the internal surfaces of the canopy, flue, and commercial kitchen exhaust fan to ensure that there is no grease or combustible debris left behind.

Injuries from falls, slips, and burns can result from cleaning a kitchen canopy without the necessary tools, training, and experience. Because of this, it’s always best to get the help of an expert.

Cleaning of Canopy Hoods and Ducts

If you want your restaurant to be profitable and successful, you need to give it the attention it deserves. However, your restaurant canopy removes the odors and dangerous gases from the kitchen to keep it going for an extended period. You must maintain a regular cleaning schedule. It’s a significant problem if you don’t clean your house regularly. This may also cause a fire or other damage to your restaurant.

No restaurant owner wants to think about their establishment being destroyed by a blaze at any time. You won’t have to deal with any potentially hazardous situations at work because we’re here to assist you with your Kitchen Canopy Cleaning.

Every restaurant’s mission is to provide its patrons with the delectable fare. You’ll be able to cook in a clean kitchen every day if you use Canopy Cleaning Melbourne services.

In Melbourne, a good cleaning company offer canopy cleaning services.

Canopy Cleaning Melbourne uses specialist Australian standard equipment to give your kitchen canopy a thorough cleaning on both the interior and the outside of the structure. Cleaners Company thoroughly inspect and clean the entire system, beginning at the top and progressing to the upper ceiling right behind the filters, the ducting, and finally the roof fan.

  • The Cleaning of the Canopy Hood

Cleaners Company uses the most up-to-date equipment for cleaning canopy hoods and exhaust fans. Everything in the kitchen is spotless, thanks to us. The hood of the canopy gets soiled while cooking different foods. Foul odors and smoke can fade the color. Exhaust fan hoods, fans, and ducts are no match for skilled crew’s ability to remove grease and oil. After that, we polish it with a mirror to make it appear more vibrant.

A thorough cleaning of your kitchen canopy hood is what we do at Canopy Cleaning Melbourne with specialized equipment. Grease removal from exhaust systems’ ducts, hoods, fans, and vents is the goal of this process. We’ll sand and polish the hoods to make them easier to clean and more appealing.

  • Duct Cleaning for the Canopy

To get the best canopy and duct cleaning Melbourne services, you need to use powerful degreasers and heavy-duty cleaners. Fryers, extractor hoods, and exhaust fans in industrial kitchens must be cleaned.

Professional duct cleaners and experts are needed to complete this heavy-duty cleaning. Burns, sips, and other life-threatening injuries can occur if the AC is not adequately equipped, experienced, or trained in cleaning agents. As a result, hiring a professional duct cleaning business is always a good idea.


Cleaners Company learned how to clean commercial kitchen exhaust ducts, canopies, extraction systems, and cooling systems in Melbourne. Health and cleaning authorities will accept their job and deliver the best outcomes.

To prevent fires and damage to your kitchen hood, you should clean it regularly to avoid a grease spread. We didn’t have to pay too much for canopy cleaning. 

  • Cleaning the Exhaust Fans

Kitchen exhaust cleaning and more are among Cleaners Company services. We are responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen, whether it is in your restaurant or hotel.

Because of all the cooking, oil, dirt, and grime build up on the kitchen canopy, exhausts, and walls. Dirt accumulates on the workbenches, grills, and kitchenware as well. These items will be harmed if they are left in that condition. They can be damaged if cleaned incorrectly.

  • Cleansing of Equipment

You should thoroughly clean the extraction system of your canopy because it may keep your kitchen sanitary and remove the smell. A thorough cleaning of the ducts and ceilings of an extraction system can help keep it running smoothly.

In industrial kitchens, oil and filth accumulate over time in the canopy and ducts, leading to fires. These oily channels can facilitate the propagation of the fire by allowing it to flow through them more quickly, allowing it to spread further. As a result, regular inspection and maintenance of these ducts are essential for fire suppression in an emergency.

Why Hire a Commercial Canopy Cleaner?

Assurances that the insurance policies, health regulations, and lease terms will all be met.

  • Regular, customized scheduling that meets your specific requirements.
  • Save money by improving extraction efficiency and freeing up staff time to work on other aspects of your company’s operations.
  • The police made sure that everyone on the team was well-versed in the laws of Melbourne and the surrounding areas.
  • You are assigning a service manager who is aware of and attentive to your needs and ensures that all of the rules are followed.
  • All cleaners who have substantial experience cleaning canopy exhaust systems are specialized in training.
  • Reduced fire, OH&S, and food safety hazards mean less stress for you.
  • Cash flow is distributed across a year with annual service agreements.


A thorough inside and out cleaning of your kitchen canopy is provided by Canopy Cleaning Melbourne, using specialized equipment of the highest Australian level. We remove any grease and combustible material from the top, flue, and commercial kitchen exhaust fan’s internal surfaces.

For many years, Canopy Cleaning Melbourne has provided canopy cleaning services. All types of restaurants can use our canopy cleaning services. We pledge to provide you with financial, high-quality cleaning services because we have everything we need.