Sen. Kennedy urges public to ‘wait and try to get the facts about what happened’ in Daunte Wright shooting

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Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., joined “Hannity” Wednesday to respond to the death of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota and the arrest of former police officer Kim Potter on a charge of second-degree manslaughter.

KENNEDY: In terms of this entire discussion about police officers and race, it seems to me — I can tell you what I believe, Sean. I don’t think most or even many Americans are racist. I don’t think most Americans even think that much about race. I think they think about character. I don’t think that most cops are racist. In fact many of our police departments are majority-minority. I think they do the best they can.

This instance that happened, it was just horrible. It was horrible for the person killed, for the person’s family. It’s horrible for the police officer. I think we owe it to ourselves and to them to, let’s just wait and try to get the facts about what happened. It doesn’t appear to me that the officer did it intentionally. And I’m not pretending to be a criminal lawyer and saying she committed this crime or that crime. But I think we owe it to all of us, ourselves and them, to wait and let’s just get the facts.

You know, one other quick point. When a radical Muslim jihadist blows up a school, were always told, “Don’t judge all people of the Muslim faith by the acts of a few, and I agree with that. How come the same rule doesn’t apply to police officers?”


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