Scientists have named the main criteria for women when choosing men

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British scientists have come to the conclusion that women, like men, have a number of criteria in order to determine partners who are inclined to bond. Nevertheless, these criteria differ among representatives of different sexes.

Experts conducted a survey in which 151 students from one of the American universities took part. The girls were asked to rate 110 photographs of men according to the degree of attractiveness for relationships in both the short-term (casual sex) and long-term (marriage) perspectives.

The results of the study, published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, showed that women are primarily interested not in the availability of a man, but in his romantic attitude. They also pay attention to the health of a potential partner, which is assessed by his attractiveness and intelligence.

Scientists have noted that men are subconsciously attracted to women who, in their opinion, are easier to pressure, deceive and seduce. Women, as it turned out, can also identify men who are easier to manipulate or who are easier to seduce, but they do not find these qualities attractive.

Meanwhile, experts from Brock University in Canada conducted a study, the results of which showed that women often have sympathy for “bad guys” because of their confident and calm behavior, we are talking about men with various psychopathic disorders.

Scientists explain this trend by the fact that such men feel confident and know how to use their charm, but their ultimate goal is selfish pleasure.