Scientists have determined how jealousy originates

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Until recently, psychologists believed that jealousy was a feature of the human character. However, studies have shown that this feeling in interpersonal relationships is most likely related to pathology.

Chinese experts studied a group of volunteers and concluded that jealousy occurs when relationships become mundane. The period of flowers and sweets ends, a calm life begins, and then a sense of ownership arises, the consequence of which becomes jealousy. With the help of MRI, specialists have found out that changes in the subcortex of the brain lead to jealousy, writes Medicine and Science.

American researchers studied the behavior of male jumping monkeys and came to the conclusion that jealousy often helps maintain a relationship. When a male sees a partner with another male, he begins to experience pain and fear. According to scientists, this is what helps to maintain a monogamous relationship.

At the same time, Italian scientists believe that jealousy can lead to crime. According to research, during an outbreak of jealousy, there is almost always a desire to harm your other half and make her suffer. In this case, the jealous person begins to produce a hormone of pleasure from the suffering of another person, and this is already a pathological condition.