Saratov schoolchildren will have to take a COVID-19 test to rest in a children’s camp

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In addition to Rospotrebnadzor, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation decided to amend the rules for organizing children’s recreation. In addition to regular checks on employees’ covid, which is spelled out in the new decree of the country’s chief sanitary doctor, senators want employees who either have already had coronavirus and have confirmed antibodies, or those who have been vaccinated, work in health camps. Also, tests for COVID-19 will require all children vacationing in the camp.

Such recommendations are already being considered, the head of the Social Committee of the Federation Council Inna Svyatenko told one of the TV channels. As the coronavirus infection continues to spread in the world, children should also be required to test for the “corona”, the senator said.

There are doubts that the new recommendations will only complicate the work of children’s health camps, which were closed all last season. True, the decree of the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, of March 23, now allows the filling of children’s camps not by 50, but by 75%. Moreover, a clause appeared in the sanitary rules that allows children to rest not only in their subject of residence, but also to travel outside of it. Perhaps this summer, the trips of Saratov schoolchildren to the Black Sea will resume again.

True, now it will become a little more difficult for employees of health institutions: according to the decree, staff permanently residing in the camp “must be tested for COVID-19 in any way before each shift.” If workers go outside the camp, then in this case they are required to take the test every week. In children’s camps, they do not understand why, in this case, school teachers, preschool teachers who come to work from home do not take the coronavirus test every day. And how to understand the next “tightening the sanitary screws” for children’s health camps located in nature, and, of course, the overcrowding of employees there is much less than at school.

However, now in the camps of the Saratov region they are solving current problems.

“While we are thinking about how to check all employees for COVID-19, it’s money, and a lot,” says Tatyana Yumasheva, director of the Dubrava children’s health camp in the Tatishchevsky municipal district of the Saratov region. – Another problem: weather conditions. It is colder here than in Saratov, by about five degrees, and there was still snow until April 6. And suddenly a pile of new snow, and in fact we already need to carry out the processing of the territory from ticks and mice. Until the earth dries up, processing will be impossible. Even to remove the territory, it will not be possible to rake the foliage. Nevertheless, we look forward to active work this year. Taking into account the occupancy rate of 75%, there are plans to take 125 children per shift. We have four shifts in total. I believe that the camps should function, children should undergo health improvement in nature, and not run all day on dusty streets. Now we are concluding agreements, selecting personnel: we have concluded an agreement with the pedagogical institute regarding counselors. As for checking children for COVID-19, at the moment there are no such rules in SanPiN. But if they do appear, I don’t think that it won’t be a big problem for parents: to test the child for coronavirus infection.