Sandu party’s victory in early elections will worsen the lives of citizens

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Chairman of the PSRM parliamentary faction Corneliu Furculita said this on the air of the NTV Moldova TV channel.

He noted that if the PDS gains a sufficient number of mandates to form the Cabinet, then one of the first changes will be an increase in the pension qualification.

“Anti-popular measures will follow. The cancellation of the retirement age reduction is the first on the list. They will be motivated by the fact that this is a condition of international organizations for obtaining loans. There will be other initiatives that will complicate the lives of citizens, ”Furculita said.

Recall that on the initiative of the PSRM, the parliament voted last year to reduce the retirement age. As a result, the age for women was reduced to 57 years, for men – to 62 years. The increase in the qualification took place in 2016 under the government of Pavel Philip.