Salesforce Layoffs: Second Round Of Massive Layoffs Expected To Cut 8000 Headcounts

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Salesforce layoffs – following the massive layoffs in tech companies, Salesforce is also going through its second round of job cuts of about 10%. There could be chances that Salesforce will face more layoffs if reports are true. 

According to the Salesforce Bloomberg report, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Brian Milham, has said another round of Salesforce layoffs is possible. The reason for these layoffs is to focus on improving profits.

In January 2023, it was declared that the company would be laying off 10% of its total headcount. Salesforce layoffs in January 2023 were said to be the biggest job cuts in the company’s history. Salesforce in 2023 are expected to dismiss more than 8000 employees.

How Dominating People Handled These Salesforce Layoffs?

Salesforce Layoffs

In an interview, when the CEO and chairman were questioned about how they handled these ongoing layoffs, the chairman said,”  I’m a lead-from-the-front kind of person, you know that. I’m not afraid to get on all-hands calls for two hours, and it was tough because you have to explain the unexplainable, and yes, exactly what you said, we don’t have lifetime employment.”

Effect Of Salesforce Layoffs On Employees 

Taking it to Salesforce on LinkedIn, a Singaporean employee Nicole Chan wrote in a LinkedIn post that her nearly two years long journey with Salesforce came to an end suddenly along with her colleagues via email.

“Call it delusion, naivety, or pure tomfoolery, my first reaction to my 9:03 am email was an obvious shock, an immediate “nah, this must be a mistake,” and then you start sending/receiving slacks, next thing I know, I’m at stage 3/7 of grief,” Chan wrote.

She said more,” Procedurally, with all the paperwork and administrative tasks, I now find myself sitting side by side with good ol’ acceptance 24 hours later, with (a shapeless but firm) resolve for what’s next. (To romanticize it, we’re perched on a ledge, feet dangling eagerly).”

Will Salesforce Do More Layoffs?

Recently it was announced that Salesforce might be planning another round of layoffs too. While about the second round of layoffs, there isn’t anything solid; reports suggested that the company was going through some changes, hoping to boost efficiency. One of these is removing some middle managers and turning them into independent contributors.

In an interview, COO Brian Milham said that Salesforce management might need to ‘change and reshape’ the company’s structure, and if this happens, they will take the necessary steps to drive ‘efficiency.’


Overall, Salesforce Layoffs are taking place to improve the company’s efficiency. Employees of Salesforce are stressed over the sudden redundancy of the workforce as looking for other options takes time, so if they had known about it before, they might have taken some early measures. Meanwhile, a contract was held between Salesforce and actor Mathew McConaughey for about $10 million last month. Chairman Benioff said this contract was unrelated to the layoffs – but perhaps $10 million could be better spent.