Russian Aerospace Forces worked out the option of relocating equipment to Belarus

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The military space forces of the Russian Federation (VKS), during a staff training held in Belarus, worked out the issue of redeploying Russian equipment to Belarusian airfields. This was announced on March 18 by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

In addition, the countries worked out the topic of protecting the western border of Belarus in the air, as well as other issues.

“During the STHT (joint staff training. – Ed.), The following issues were worked out: planning the use of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces in the defensive operation of the regional grouping of troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia,” the ministry’s Telegram channel reported.

Also, Russia and Belarus, during the training, worked out the issue of managing subordinate formations and military units that are part of the Unified Regional Air Defense System.

“Joint training has made it possible to increase the coherence of actions of military command and control bodies, formations and military units, as well as the level of training of officials,” added the country’s Defense Ministry.

The training of representatives of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus took place on the territory of a neighboring state from March 16 to 18.

Earlier, on March 7, it was reported that Russia and Belarus would conduct joint exercises on the territory of the two states from March 9 to 20. The training will be attended by the Airborne Forces of Russia and the Special Operations Forces (MTR) of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

The first joint Russian-Belarusian tactical exercises – peacekeeping – will end on March 20 at the Polivno training ground in the Ulyanovsk region. More than 400 Russian servicemen and about 100 units of military and special equipment will be involved in the exercises, and more than 80 servicemen from the Belarusian side.

In addition, the exercises involved two Mi-24 attack helicopters and six Mi-8AMTSh transport and combat helicopters of the Central Military District.

On March 3, at the Syrian airbase Khmeimim, a joint training session was held for the Russian Navy and Russian Aerospace Forces pilots. The military worked out the mechanisms of radio-technical reconnaissance and escort of ships by aviation.