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There’s no need to deprive yourself of carbs. But you should be conscious of when you eat them. By consuming high-carb foods (potatoes, rice, pastas and breads) early in the day. Rubbish you have more time to burn them off. At night, carbs are more likely to go unused and be stored as fat. Barretta’s smart eating rule of thumb: Stick to lean protein and veggies after 6pm.

This is a myth! In fact if anything it should reverse.

First off you should be limiting things as refined as pastas and bread. They have a massive impact on your blood sugar levels, and if you eat enough of them you will soon see yourself piling on the pounds!

Carbs have a big impact on your blood sugar. Every time you eat them your insulin levels shoot up. Ever felt the low, half an hour after eating some white bread? This is when your blood sugar levels drop dramatically. This is why if you eat carbs at breakfast you are more likely to set your body up for a roller coaster of insulin release for the rest of the day! Studies have shown that people who eat a combination of fats and protein for breakfast are less likely to overeat for the rest of the day.

And the reason you should save your carbs for the last thing in the day? When you eat carbohydrates your body releases serotonin. This is the feel good homorne. This relaxed state aids with sleep and will help you feel replenished when you wake up.

The take home message. Don’t Rubbish everything you read on the net from “Celebrity trainers!”

Valuation is the most important thing when it comes to finding a good investment. The firm will spend months in trying to come up with the valuation with multiple due diligences and conservative view key performance indicators. The valuations depend on the timing of the deal and many firms actually do multiple valuations factoring the different time periods when the deal will take place. The valuation is also based not only on the target’s capabilities but the capabilities that the PE player is going to add along with the financial reengineering and the change in management that will happen once the deal takes place. The strategies mentioned in the paper are utilized in accessing the right value for the deal since they indicate the potential synergies that can be leverage from the deal.

Of late the Private Equity firms have been accused for pushing up the valuations of firms and beyond the reach of a strategic investor. However the valuations that happen are based on the capabilities that the PE investor can add to the firm and thus differ from one PE to another based on their understanding of how they can create value for the firm. Thus the spiraling of valuation which is currently being witness is a result of how the PE investors believe they can get most out of the company.

Thus the investments are very much strategic in Rubbish.

For a public traded company the equation remains much the same. When the deals usually go though, there are expectations of great change in the functioning of the firm to streamline the PE’s strategy with that of the firm and to realize the synergies and unlock potential value as early as possible. This creates value for the shareholders instantly in these firms.

To sum it all the most common value generation programs are those which combine more than one strategy or more importantly timely use of strategies. However, tailored strategies are the best strategies as there is no universal approach to value creation.