Risks of Health Problems That Can Affect Men

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Men are at risk of developing various dangerous health problems, some of which can even be fatal. Lung cancer and prostate cancer are some examples of these health problems.

Men’s health problems can be different from women’s. This is because there are many diseases that are more common in men, such as heart disease, diabetes, & prostate cancer. Therefore, to take early precautions, consider the following reviews of the risks of health problems and diseases prone to attacking men.

Men have a greater risk of health problems such as heart, lung, and stroke to diabetes.

Health Problems That Can Affect Men

Heart disease

The common cause of death is a heart disease which comes in many forms. Although the disease kills both men and women, nearly twice as many men die from cardiovascular conditions.

According to Disease Control and Prevention, one in four-year-old men has heart disease and high blood pressure and generally occurs under 45 years of age. Some of the common heart problems that affect men’s health are arrhythmias, heart failure, congenital heart disease, and others.

Lung cancer

Most of these are caused by smoking, but lung cancer also occurs in people who have never smoked and have not been exposed to secondhand smoke for a long time.

Apart from smoking, exposure to asbestos or radon & air pollution can also lead to the development of lung cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the other leading cause of death in men after lung cancer. However, this disease can be treated if found at an early stage. The challenge is prostate cancer shows no symptoms until it spreads to other parts of the body.


A stroke occurs when there is an unexpected & sudden disruption in the blood supply. It can grow as a result of heart problems, arteries due to cholesterol, & substance abuse.

Strokes can vary depending on the intensity, with mini-strokes often causing no permanent damage and can heal on their own within 24 hours, while severe ones can result in death. The incidence rate of stroke was 1.25 times greater in men than in women.


Depression is a general mental health disorder, and 300 million people worldwide fight depression every day. Depression can increase a person’s risk of developing suicidal thoughts and injuring themselves.

A study has linked lung cancer to depression. Some physical signs and symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, weight loss, insomnia, fatigue, and chest pain, can interfere with the quality of life & lead to depressive disorders.

Liver disease

One study linked the general development of liver disease in men to alcohol and tobacco use. Reports show that men have a higher risk of death from alcohol and undergoing hospitalization than women. Excessive alcohol damage can also increase the risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon cancers, as well as erectile and erectile dysfunction, health problems. Other common reported in men.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is reported to occur in two-thirds of men who are older than 70 years and up to 39 percent of men 40 years. Men with erectile dysfunction also report depression.

Erectile dysfunction is most usually caused by atherosclerosis, which causes heart attacks and strokes. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 the treatment for ED.


Diabetes can lead to nerve & kidney damage, heart disease & stroke, and even vision problems.

For men, diabetes can raise the risk of lower testosterone levels, loss of muscle mass, and physical impotence, which in turn leads to depression or anxiety. Although there is no permanent cure for diabetes, it can be treated with a mixture of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and medication.

Men who are prone to impotence

Any man can experience Health Problems like erectile dysfunction. However, several groups of men who are specifically at higher risk of experiencing this are because of an unhealthy lifestyle or certain diseases, for example:


The warning that says smoking can lead to impotence is not an empty threat. Research says smoking can make blood vessels harden so that it interferes with the smooth flow of blood. The smoother the blood flow, the easier it is for you to have an erection, and vice versa.


Having excess body weight increases your risk of developing diseases that interfere with blood flow, which can lead to impotence.

Drink alcohol

Too much alcohol in the blood will not only block its circulation they also inhibit the production of the hormone testosterone, which makes you less excited to be less strong during physical intercourse. Vilitra and Fildena Super Active to improving physical health.

Lack of movement

When it is not severe, impotence means a warning signal for you to be more active. You can start with a few minutes of exercise each day to start with.

Poor diabetes management

Diabetes can stop with blood flow to the penis. However, this can be overcome by eating a healthy diet, moving frequently, and taking medication recommended.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol can damage the walls of blood vessels. Just like diabetes, you also have to adopt a healthy diet, move frequently, and take medication as recommended.

Stress and anxiety

This condition usually results in impotence for a certain period of time because you are not in the mood for physical intercourse.


That is a comprehensive explanation of the symptoms, causes, and groups of men who are at risk of impotence. As a precautionary step from an early age, you can start to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising and eating nutritious foods regularly.