Residents of Vitino managed to achieve the demolition of illegal hotel houses

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The complaints of local residents attracted the attention of not only government officials, but also law enforcement agencies. People were outraged that the tenant of the beach, having received the territory under an agreement with the administration for improvement, under the guise of non-stationary shopping facilities (NTO), built holiday houses there.

So less than 100 meters from the water’s edge, 14 wooden houses “grew” on a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Evgeny Kabanov left for the place.

– When will we clean up? – Asked the businessman, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government Yevgeny Kabanov.

– We’ll start soon. Every day to the house, – the owner of the business Vyacheslav Shikhanov reluctantly answered.

But this, like the representatives of the authorities, did not suit the residents. Having offered assistance in the form of construction equipment, Yevgeny Kabanov instructed to begin dismantling on the same day in order to clear the beach strip by the end of the week and relieve social tension in the village.

Beach user Vyacheslav Shikhanov signed an agreement with the administration of the Molochny rural settlement back in 2017. According to him, all this time he was solving issues of improvement.

– I made electricity, water for my money, I was going to carry out the sewerage system, – says the entrepreneur. – I have all the construction documents. Everything was in order until the residents protested. I invested about 20 million rubles in the construction of these houses, not counting the cost of communication networks.

Shows the contract, where it is written that “the administration grants the user the right to carry out the improvement of the beach, including the installation of non-stationary objects for various purposes, for the placement of which a building permit is not required.” And it is this point that raises the most questions.

Already in one of these houses, Yevgeny Kabanov got angry in earnest.

– Do you want to say that this is NTO? – he turned to the businessman. – Under the guise of “various purposes of objects” you want to build a mini-hotel and provide accommodation services. At the same time, violating the clause of the agreement that construction work related to the foundation and reinforced concrete base is prohibited on the beach. It is possible to place objects of the hotel business only on the lands provided for the hotel business. You cannot put a hotel on the beach under the guise of stalls. This is prohibited by law.

The vice-premier was approached by beach tenants who are afraid of starting a business, doing landscaping, knowing that at any moment they may be criticized by the public and incur losses.

According to local residents, they are not against the improvement objects, but within reason. “We must do in harmony with nature, and not see only our own interest,” – this is the position of people.

Evgeny Kabanov noted that the compromise in this situation should be complete openness of the business to the public. To do this, he instructed the head of the administration of the Molochny rural settlement, Denis Plokhikh, to hold meetings with each tenant within a week and inform local residents about all the planned projects related to the improvement of their village.

– Develop a concept of improvement, invite the public, the district administration, agree on your project and implement it, – suggested Evgeny Konstantinovich. – Discuss the location and the archetype of the future structure. And do business without breaking the law. We will only help you.

As for the 14 buildings that seemed to be firmly established on Vitino beach, their dismantling began on the same day. The Deputy Prime Minister promised the entrepreneur to help him find a land plot with a designated purpose for a hotel. After some hesitation, the entrepreneur agreed.

“But the fact is that I submitted a draft design with 40 houses to the competition commission and the commission approved it,” Shikhanov told the MK in Crimea correspondent.

This was the reason for the inspection of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which established that the officials of the local administration, knowing for certain that the entrepreneur was performing work on the installation of buildings not provided for by the contract, did not take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

“In this regard, the Saki interdistrict prosecutor sent the materials of the check to the investigating authorities to resolve the issue of criminal prosecution against officials of the administration of the Molochny rural settlement,” the press service of the department reported. – In addition, it was established that the local administration ignored the facts of restriction by the user of the beach area of ​​free access to the water body, the storage of waste in the water protection zone, and the absence of a storm water drainage system.

Such negligence of officials can cost them dear. Yevgeny Kabanov noted that the official investigation will reveal the perpetrators.

– But do not forget that this entrepreneur violated all conceivable and inconceivable norms, placing a mini-hotel on the beach under the guise of NTO, – Kabanov emphasized. – He must dismantle everything within a week, and then we will try to help in transferring this object to another territory, while maintaining the contract.

And officials, business and the public will now have to “make friends” for mutually beneficial cooperation of all parties. This requires a more detailed decoding of some concepts.