Residents of Central Russia promised anomalous downpour

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Forecasters promised the residents of Central Russia an abnormal downpour on the night of Monday, May 3, due to a cyclone approaching from the west. This was announced on May 2 by the leading expert of the Phobos weather center, Evgeny Tishkovets.

“A powerful North Atlantic cyclone approaching from the west at a speed of 40 km / h on Monday night attacks central Russia with heavy rains with a 70-80 percent probability of mosaic thunderstorms in the Bryansk, Kaluga, Tula and southern Moscow regions,” he told Instagram …

On Moscow, said the forecaster, “two buckets of rainwater will pour from midnight to 9:00 on May 3”. At the same time, in the afternoon and in the evening, the wind will increase with gusts up to 12-17 m / s, and in the west of the region – up to 15-20 m / s.

At night, the temperature will drop to +5 … + 10, and in the afternoon, when the bad weather weakens, the May sun will come out, the air will warm up to the climatic norm of + 15-20 degrees.

On the eve of forecasters announced the “yellow” level of weather danger in the capital region from 15:00 on May 2 and until 15:00 on May 4.

At the same time, in a number of regions of the Urals and Siberia, in the coming days and until May 5, a high risk of fires is expected, noted Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.