Remains of a Great Patriotic War soldier from Minsk found in Sebezhsky district

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Search squads “Height 102” and “Forgotten Battalion” conducted a search reconnaissance three kilometers from Sebezh, where there were units holding back the onslaught of German troops. This was announced by the commander of the search units Vladimir Bumakov on his page in the social network “VKontakte”

During the investigation, the search engines found the remains of five fighters, two of whom were with mortal medallions. Expertise is required to read the inscription on one of them. However, the second clearly indicated the name of the defender of the Fatherland and his origin. It turned out to be Ivan Vasilyevich Baidak, a native of the Minsk region, the village of Strochitsy.

Mortal medallion. Photo: Vladimir Bumakov

In just a day, the search teams were able to identify the relatives of the fallen soldier. At the moment, the 86-year-old sister of Ivan Baidak, Anna Vasilievna, was found in the village of Strochitsy. She lives in the very house from which Ivan Vasilyevich left for the war. The woman was informed that her brother, whom the whole family had been looking for throughout the post-war years, was finally found. Anna Vasilievna is going to return the remains of her brother to her homeland and bury him next to the graves of her parents.

Photo: Vladimir Bumakov

Last year, search engines have already found the remains of dead soldiers. One of them, the Red Army soldier Minigulov, was identified and sent for burial in his native Bashkiria.

Photo: Vladimir Bumakov