Regions will receive revenue from excise taxes on gasoline in 2030

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It is proposed to pause the process of full transfer of revenues from excise taxes on gasoline, diesel fuel and motor oils to the regions. As Izvestia found out, despite the fact that the subjects were supposed to start receiving these funds as early as 2024, the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill to increase the period for the phased transfer of income from excise taxes on petroleum products to local budgets. According to the changed plans of the ministry, 100% of the “gasoline money” will come to the regions only in 2030.

It was previously planned that this will happen in 2024. Such an order was given to the government in 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, this was spelled out in the passport of the Safe and High-Quality Roads national project published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2019. However, the Ministry of Finance proposed to move the dates and in the text of the financial economic justification specified that the standards for enrollment in the federal budget in 2022-2024 excise taxes on petroleum products will remain at the level of 2021.

According to the text of the bill, in 2025 the country’s treasury will receive 21.1% of revenues, and the budgets of the subjects – 78.9%. In 2026, the ratio will change 17.1 to 82.9%, in 2027 – 13.1 to 86.9%, in 2028 – 9.1 to 90.9%, in 2029 – 5.1 to 94, nine%. One hundred percent transfer of these revenues should occur in 2030.

This information was confirmed to Izvestia by the ministry.

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